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Starting a thread for SDSU Spring 2013 Cohort The main question that is floating around right now is: Are transfer students eligible for Spring 2013? We know there is no Spring admittance... Read More

  1. by   jgummy
    yay it's awesome to see that more people on this forum got in , good job guys !! @Distraught_Concerned your story actually made me quite sad . This forum is definitely a good place to vent your frustrations since we all pretty much understand the anxiety that comes along with trying to become competitive for the nursing program. I'm glad to see that you will still continue to try to get into the program. Getting hours as a CNA will definitely boost your points quite a bit, also, re-taking your TEAS may give you a little boost as well if you didn't already get in the high 90s on it. hopefully everything falls into place for you when you try again this upcoming cycle, fingers crossed !
  2. by   PCroizier
    Henry from what I have read fall is much more competative than spring. Retake your courses this fall and put in your app for spring again next year. I got in with a 64 for this spring (thankfully) but i am pretty sure 70 was the lowest i heard for least for everyone who has posted on this site. I also am taking cna course this summer (on my way to clinical right now) since i thought i might need to try to apply again and i think it is very informative since the things i am learning are still in the scope of an RN. Also though clinicals are not experience on a resume per se the actual experience in bedside manner are invaluable to my personal comfort and confidence. Rejection is tough, i was rejected from two CC ADNs for the fall and it sucked to say the least. The CC is an option though you should look into. The points are different and maybe you would have better scores there.
  3. by   PCroizier
    I have another question. Anyones webportal say accepted yet? Mine still says pending.
  4. by   Twobucktin
    To everybody who has made it into the Spring 2013 cohort, welcome to the SDSU Nursing family and congratulations on your accomplishment!
    And I think your status will change from pending to accepted within a couple of days after you have accepted your spot in the SON. That is what happened for us in the Fall cohort. Once again, welcome to the Aztec family!

    To Henry (@distraught_concerned)
    and possibly anybody who didn't make it in this time, keep on trying. There are a lot of ways of obtaining your BSN. If you don't feel like you could possible obtain your BSN through a tradition BSN program and you still want to become a nurse, there are accelerated BSN programs, which I heard are a lot easier to get into. Here is a link to CSUSM's accelerated Nursing Program, which a couple of my friend currently go to right now:
    Program Requirements
    .... This isn't the end of the road, you might just have a different path to take in order to reach your goal.
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  5. by   PCroizier
    All my transcripts are in, fa package is good. Officially ready to register for some fall courses!! So exciting!
  6. by   roby81
    Congratulations to all!

    PCroizier, are you taking a full load for the Fall? Can we take Nursing courses such as 200 or 202 or could we only take those in the Spring?

    I am unsure of whether or not we have to be full time students in order to not jeopardize our Spring enrollment. I have so many questions...I plan on seeing an advisor. Also, does anyone know if we have to attend the SON orientation on the 21st, or is there a separate orientation for the Spring cohort?

    Thank you for any information.
  7. by   PCroizier
    I think half time is acceptable. With my late reg date im looking to get into what i can and hopefully the classes aren't bogus. I do not believe we attend the fall orientation, they most likely have one for spring, but thats just my logic, not fact. The nurse courses are only for the fall students..i would assume, again logic not fact. Let us know what the advisor says. Thanks in advance.
  8. by   roby81
    I emailed the SON about the spring orientation and she said that more info will be emailed out after the Fall semester starts. I also emailed the school regarding fall and spring enrollment and they said that as long as I take at least one course I would be officially enrolled but they strongly recommend I speak with the SON first. I was hoping to work as much as I could and pay down some bills before the program starts. I am excited to start full time school but dreading to have to drop my hours at work.

    I heard that the first semester was the hardest as far as having to perform academically, but that it gets easier. Has anyone else heard the same? Or is it the same level of hard all the way through?
  9. by   Jaime1990
    I am looking into applying for the Fall 2014 program. How does the application process work? I am currently working on my prereque and should be done by Spring 2013. I should have a total of 75 points. Do you guys think I have a good chance of getting in? Also can
  10. by   PCroizier
    Just a registered for my fall classes! Psych 351 on Monday nights, anyone else in that one? Plus rels 101 t/th 8am, anth 349 t/th 11am, geog 303 t/th 12:30 pm. Im also registered for nutrition 201 on weds night but don't know if I'll keep it, might be over my budget.
    What about everyone else!!
  11. by   PCroizier
    @ roby
    I think the first semester will be the hardest because of our adjustment to new learning. Previously our schooling has involved alot of regurgitation and now will commence substantial application; out are the days of memorization for testing. That's my opinion though.
  12. by   PCroizier
    Your score seems good, on par with this falls cohort.
  13. by   PCroizier
    Well week 2 of school is almost over, anybody out there? Hoping everyone is well.