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Starting a thread for SDSU Spring 2013 Cohort The main question that is floating around right now is: Are transfer students eligible for Spring 2013? We know there is no Spring admittance... Read More

  1. by   JeffyDOS
    Quote from jgummy
    @JeffyDOS, I went to the nursing office about two weeks ago to turn in my final grades and was told that we would find out the last week of July. I hate thinking about it ha ha
    Thanks for letting me know!
  2. by   ChrissyS
    Hi everyone- I am a transfer student hoping to get into the Spring 2013 cohort. I haven't heard anything from them yet and I am starting to get nervous...This is the only nursing school I have applied for! I have kids and I really need to stay in San Diego. It is going to be a long two and a half week-wait!
  3. by   JeffyDOS
    1 week guys!
  4. by   jgummy
    I got an acceptance email today! can't breathe, did anyone else get one ? in the email it says that there are alternates so if you haven't received one yet don't lose hope
  5. by   PCroizier
    Congratulations! You have been accepted to San Diego State University, School of Nursing (SON), for Spring 2013. You should be very proud of this achievement!

  6. by   jgummy
    @PCroizier Conggraaatsss to you ! I fell to the floor when I got the email
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  7. by   PCroizier
    Thanks and to you also. I am in shock and panic since i am a transfer i hope that i can get everything done for fall and not loose my spot!
  8. by   JeffyDOS
    Congrats you two! I also got in
  9. by   LisaRed19
    I just checked my email today and I got in too! Congrats to all of you
  10. by   Twobucktin
    @LisaRed19 Congratulations!!!! I'm so happy that you got in the Spring 2013 class!
  11. by   ChrissyS
    I got my acceptance email yesterday!!! Congrats everyone!! )))
  12. by   Distraught_Concerned
    Congratulations to all who made it! I wasn't quite competitive enough. I sat at the borderline of both cumulative and prerequisite GPAs, so I lost out on four points. I got all A's the Spring semester, but since I was rollovers don't take cumulative GPAs into account, my score was no where high enough.

    I wasn't dedicated at the start of college and messed up quite a bit. I didn't know what I wanted to do with life and jumped straight into Nursing. After trying so hard and failing to become admitted, I slipped into a deep depression. My girlfriend and a nursing friend of mine helped me through it and something just... popped. I realized that yes, nursing is what I want to do, and that I want to get serious now. I'm just afraid that it's a little too late. I don't have the highest grades by a far margin and my prerequisites are less than spectacular.

    I had a meager score of 51 . After getting serious about my future, I figured I would retake some classes. Microbiology and Human Anatomy are two of the hardest classes to get seats in.... fortunately and at the same time unfortunately, I was only able to secure the COMM and PSYCH classes. Retaking those classes and thanks to the bump in GPA from my Spring classes, I'll have a total of 59 points. I don't think that's enough though... so I'm going to take CNA classes this Fall as well, to rake up a total of 64 points.

    I just don't know whether that is enough or not. A lot of aspiring nurses on these forums have phenomenal grades, way higher than what I've been able to garner up. 64 is nice... but maybe the pessimistic side of me is telling me that it's too low.

    I'm not sure what to do if I don't get in. I'm a senior at SDSU this year and have yet to be admitted. I feel old, unaccomplished and incredibly discouraged, but I am trying my best, I really am. I don't mean to mope around on such a happy thread! I just wanted to congratulate you all and share my story for those in the same situation.

    With much love and excitement for all of you who managed to get in.

    - Henry.
  13. by   LisaRed19
    Thanks twobucktin! I appreciated your encouragement to not lose hope and I didn't