Stanford RN New Grad 3/2017 - page 8

New thread for applicants to Stanford's RN new grad program in March 2017 ! I am still in the proceas of finishing my application. Does anybody know if we need to upload a transcript ? Comment Below!... Read More

  1. by   FishBones
    Hello, I am considering applying for Stanford's RN new grad program. I know that the application period begins 12/18/17 to 1/12/18. Can anyone tell me what their application package requirements consists of, such as how many LOR, any essays, etc. Thank you.
  2. by   murse_vader
    Application is completed online, with options to upload files such as resume, LOC etc. Each year the essay requirements change. My friend a few cohorts ahead of me only had 3 essays, while I had at least 5 from what I can remember. Essays are very basic, nothing you can't tackle, and definitely not impossible. The application process is pretty straight forward. Best of luck!