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Is anyone applying for spring 2012 at sac state? do you know what the cut off was for fall? how did you do on your teas V and how long did you spend time studying? I am planning to apply for... Read More

  1. by   wilcox77
    I am currently hoping someone will respond to this. I remeber before there was an information sheet regarding costs , estimates of materials and insurance. Is it possible if you guys can post how much you paid for health, liability, background and drug screening. I also was wondering what kind of background/dru screen Sac state does. My current employer is going to pay for some nursing program materials and tuition as an agreement of working for them for two years. They only pay for the FBI criminal background investigation as well as a seven panel including alcohol urinalysis. If someoneone could get back to me to let me know if this is what they screen for that would be great Thanks again.
  2. by   0409607

    "We received 243 applications for 80 seats. The candidate ranked number 80 has 62 points. It is too early to determine what the final point cut off will be, but historically 2 to 5 students decline in a spring term."

    So if you had 62 points and up, you are in for sure.
  3. by   jolleynurse
    Hi guys! I am going to be starting the BSN program at Sac State in January!!! Does anyone else still need to take their CPR class? It might be fun to try and get some students to take it together. Otherwise, see you all at orientation! Congratulations to those who got in....it's exciting! Are any of you nervous? I sure am! And good luck to everyone who is going to apply for Fall!!
  4. by   0409607
    I am doing american red cross main Sacramento office. Starting 12/27 evening class