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I wanted to start a thread on the Sharp New Grad Program in San Diego that opened for apps today. Best of luck to all that applied!... Read More

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    Oh and the start date is January 28!

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    Does anyone know the start date for Sharp Grossmonts NICU new grad program?
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    Does any one know if they are done making selections for Sharp Memorial? Or when Grossmont will start making calls?
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    I received a call yesterday from grossmont for the NICU
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    Anyone else get a call?
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    I haven't heard anything, good or bad.
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    Hey everyone,

    Has anyone heard anything regarding any of the residency programs? I know I applied at Memorial and I believe both programs that I applied for start in February. Thanks everyone for any input and congrats to those getting interviews and offers!
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    I applied for tele at grossmont and haven't heard anything. Friend said she got an email saying grossmont pcu/medsurg residency was canceled.
    The wait is ridiculous. They either need to call or send a rejection already!!
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    My friend had a phone interview w/ Memorial on Monday. And as far as Grossmont ( I am employed there)- it seems that only the residency program has been canceled, not the unit-based new grad programs- I confirmed that with both the recruiter and the unit manager/educator. But I know Grossmont has not began to contact anyone as of yet...not sure what the hold up is!!!
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    Well I got a call a few days ago for the NICU at grossmont. Have an interview on Monday. Do you know how many they are interviewing?

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