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I am starting new thread to get to know others who are in same boat as I. I am applying at SFSU for Fall 2012 BSN on Campus. I am eagerly waiting to know decision from school, but so far I have not heard anything. I am very... Read More

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    8 semesters. Spring was semester number 1. So I will graduate Fall of 2015!
    The money is what scares me most though.

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    Wow 8 is too long. I thought USF's overall program beginning as a freshman was 4 years though.
    CSU Sacramento's program is only 4 semesters! It's 2 years and you get summers!
    Is SFSU's program 6 semesters like most colleges? I forgot
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    It is a great program if you are a Freshman, it is 4 years, but I am a transfer. It is not worth it, I think, I mean, the hospitals you get to go to are great. They have Stanford and UCSF, but not for me. I just want to get my degree!
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    Yeah, I only applied to Cal States that I qualified for and would take a max of 3 years. I'm already in my 3rd year of college and I hope to get into a 2 year program to be done in 5 years. 6 years is pushing it for a BSN, but gotta do what ya gotta do
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    Did anyone apply to the SFSU/Sequoia Hospital BSN at Canada College? I did and it is my top choice. Really wish I could find a thread/other students chatting about it. Good Luck everyone. I've been told the Fall 2012 admissions letters for this Cohort are ready but they are waiting for SFSU's letters to be ready so everything can get mailed out together.
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    The decisions have been made. The letters will be sent out today and Monday. Good Luck to everyone!
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    I got my acceptance "letter" in the form of an email on April 17th. I got in! They split the entire group they accept (80) into two, evenly weighted groups (not only the best students in fall) and then start half in Fall 2012 and the other half in Spring 2013. So I'll be starting in the spring!! I also got my letter from CSUEB and did not get in. But when I went to their advising session she said that slots almost always open to accept a good amount of their alternates. She said last fall (Fall 2011) that so many people did not accept their admittance and they moved into their DENIALS. So don't lose heart! Good luck to the rest of you! Can't wait to be classmates!
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    Congratulations for those who got in.....I remember when I was in your place anticipating a response. I am now a semester into the program so if you guys have any questions feel free to ask. Good luck to all of you!!
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    hi! I was accepted for this Fall. SUPER excited!! I have a couple Questions: is it hard to get the classes you need?? and is it possible to work (part-time I'm thinking like 1-2 shifts per week) during the program?
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    Hey sunshine congrats!! Nursing classes are guaranteed....and for the most part, segment III classes are not that tough to get. It all depends on the ones you want. I took the Human Sexuality cluster and they were easy to get.

    I think you would be fine working 1/2 shifts per week....as long as you are committed. Some of my classmates work part-time. Some started full-time but had to cut back.

    ***For those of you that have sent me private messages, I don't think I am able to reply to those....so if you want you can ask your questions on this forum. Unless you did get my replies. Let me know.

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