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Hi everyone! Is anyone applying to San Francisco State's program for fall 2012? I haven't seen any threads on it... Just wondering since apps are due in a few weeks!... Read More

  1. by   chichibaby
    @ tiger07 - I am undoubtedly guilty. I am still checking my emails every moment and it is driving me insane to the point where I actually had a dream about SFSU's decision - two dreams actually, one where I got rejected and then one right after where I was accepted. Pretty... pathetic lol! :\ I have a class IP as well so Im super anxious.

    @ SevenofNine - SFSU is actually my top choice so far!
  2. by   SevenofNine
    Yes...I have become so obsessive/compulsive about checking my email for an update. I only applied to two schools---SFSU and USF. I am only interested in getting my BSN. So...all of my eggs are in two baskets! This is my first year applying and I love what I do for work right now---it is in the medical field, so waiting another year will not kill me. However, I would love to get in this time around!

    @Chichibaby---nice to know it is your top choice too! @tiger07---are you in SoCal now? that is where I am originally from, and living in San Francisco is definitely a change---you will have to buy a whole different kind of wardrobe!

    Another sleepless night! I can't wait to find out! Good thoughts for everyone!
  3. by   tiger07
    @sevenofnine, Yup, I am in Socal...but I love the SF environment! seems so student friendly, but yes, I'd definitely need to do some clothes shopping/ make adjustments if I end up moving to sf...but what i love about nursing is you have an excuse to wear scrubs..which means you don't have to spend time in the morning looking for an outfit!
    & that's awesome you have a job in the medical field, good for you!

    @Chibaby...LOL you know you're going insane when you start dreaming about this kind of stuff. jk. it's cool...i hope your "better dream" comes true for ya
  4. by   SevenofNine
    Please let today be the day. Please!

    I wonder how many other applicants are just reading this thread and lurking in the shadows like I was ;-) come out, come out, where ever you are! It's nice to have a nervous, nail-biting, strange dream, obsessive email checking community!

    We have all busted our butts getting to this very important place, and it all boils down to this moment. On the one hand, I am glad not to be balancing chemical equations, but on the other hand, I am not sure what is worse---a chemistry final, or waiting to see where I may or may not have gotten into Nursing school!

    Again, good thoughts for all of us!
  5. by   Lame
    Omg I'm soooo nervous too! I can't stop thinking/talking about it. I don't even wanna go to class right now. LOL!
  6. by   chichibaby
    Hahaha, it definitely feels like I've gone insane. It's unbearable! It's like every nerve in my body has reached its full capacity of... nervousness. Ugh LOL. Reaaally crossing my fingers for results today

    Im from Socal as well, aiming for my BSN only, and am completely in love with SF. I really hope the odds are ever in our favor heh. (Excuse the Hunger Games reference - I just saw it last night and it was amazing!)
  7. by   SevenofNine
    okay...okay...I didn't want to be a pest----but I did it---I called the Admissions Office at School of Nursing.

    I was told that they typically release their admission decisions mid to late April. . Last year they released earlier, but I just need to ignore that---I can't function like this---the anticipation is unreal!

    I think I need to take up a hobby, like crocheting---to replace my OCD habit of checking my email. Yeah...that's it---I am going to start crocheting a SFSU-BSN scarf in purple and gold. My goal is not to check my email until Saturday, unless I see everyone getting excited on this thread!

    If I don't get in, one of you will get my scarf!
  8. by   Lame
    I had a quick question. Have any of you been admitted to the university? My friend applied for the nursingprogram, but got admitted to the university under her 2nd choice major. I haven't heard ANYTHING back. Online it says that my admission to the university will be issued once my app is reviewed by the nursing department.
  9. by   chichibaby
    @Lame - Ah really? In regards to your friend, I thought it only allowed for one major and then one minor? I know that the nursing app required its applicants to put "Nursing (NON-RN)" as their first major. However, I cannot recall if there was another option for a potential second choice major. Please refresh me

    If they DO permit being accepted based on your second major, that makes me even more worried because my application status is the exact same as yours! I haven't heard anything back from SON or SFSU itself either.
  10. by   Lame
    Well I remember that when I applied on CSU Mentor, SF wanted a 2nd choice major if you applied for anImpacted Major. My friend thinks her admission to the university under her 2nd choice major means that she did not get accepted to the nursing program.
  11. by   SF_RescueNinja
    Looking at the posts from last year, some people who had their major changed on the SF admit account were held for spots on Spring Semester. Some were not admitted into Nursing at all. So far mine still says "in review"!!!! When did they find out their major changed?? Apparently you HAVE to get the letter so that you know if you got in or not. Kinda shady to me... ahhh waiting until mid-April is even more agonizing!

    Seven of Nine I might start crocheting too haha. Funny, born and raised in Socal. Went to UCI. Now in the central coast and the idea of moving to SF is exciting but what a wardrobe change for me too!! Moving into colder and colder areas! GL to everyone!!!
  12. by   SevenofNine
    @ Lame---btw, your name, I am imagining an accent over the e, like gold lame. I don't know how to put an accent mark in ;-) So in my mind, you are wearing a shiney gold jumpsuit, something like Austin Powers.

    Anyhoo...I had to declare two majors when I applied to SFSU nursing, as chichibaby mentioned. My application status reads the same as yours, and I too, have not heard a single thing back, regarding either of my majors.

    Ms. Chia, I'm going to buy my yarn and start tomorrow. I will keep you posted on my progress. BTW I have NOT checked my email since I said I wouldn't!
  13. by   tiger07
    Same here i haven't gotten anything regarding my 2 majors as well. Gah.....April, mid-April?!? I definitely need to pick up a hobby too...preferably something outdoorsy so I'm nowhere near a computer.

    @ sevenofnine- you are FUNNY lol hey, make an extra scarf. 1 for YOU, 1 for me. hehe thinkin positive..

    Just curious, has anyone been accepted into any other nursing programs? like csusm, sdsu, etc?