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Hi everyone! Is anyone applying to San Francisco State's program for fall 2012? I haven't seen any threads on it... Just wondering since apps are due in a few weeks!... Read More

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    Hi Mila3791!

    I am transferring from CSULB, all the way in SoCal! it will be quite a transition if i do end up going to sfsu, have only been to NorCal a few times They will probably laugh at my TEAS V score too! Are you applying to any other schools?

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    Mila I am with you on the positive thinking! Just think good thoughts and hope for the best
    I did pretty good on the TEAS but my pre-req GPA is only 3.5 and it seems like that is so low comparatively. Does anyone know for sure if they look at your actual TEAS score or if they just make sure you scored proficient or higher?
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    H Sunshiine,

    I am sure they look into the TEAS scores, why else do we have to take it. The higher score you got the better. Proficient level is the lowest level you are eligible apply with...I also heard they look into supplemental criteria, so if you have it I am sure you application will be competitive. Remember, positive thinking
    P.S. Where else did you apply?
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    I do have 2 out of the 3 supplemental criteria also so I am hoping that helps!
    I am a second baccalaureate student (which probably also decreases my chances) so I am also applying to some accelerated bsn programs and some entry level msn programs too. UCLA, CSUF, CSULA, and Concordia. I live in LA but i would love to move to SF I love it up there and SFSU has such a good nursing program! I am also on the wait list at a JC in LA as my backup plan so if I don't get in anywhere I'll prob be starting there in fall. Where else are you applying mila??
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    Good news guys! It was worth it to wait to the last day for my TEAS score. I scored a 88.7% on my second try so I will be submitting my app today!
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    Congrats ST! Now hurry up and make sure it's post marked today!
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    Thanks sunshiine! I mailed it in about 2 hours ago.
    Random question, do you guys send all your apps in with certified mail and a return signature? This is the 3rd app I sent for a return receipt and it's so expensive -.-
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    Great job!
    Did you have a same version of TeasV for the second time or the same as you've had before?
    I am sending all of my applications via certified mail( just in case, but it is expensive!
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    No I havent done that and I have already sent in 2 apps. I just sent in SFSU last week so I haven't received a conformation yet from the school, but the last app I sent out got there fine and in time so I am not too worried. How much is it to do certified mail?
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    I think its around $ 7.00 or so, not too,too bad. It just, am planning on applying to at least 7 or 8 schools, so it will add up. I am applying to CSUEB, SFSU, SJSU, Bakersfield, and few JC, and also I am on the waiting list for De Anza, just in case that positive thinking approach fail me

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