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  1. Hello Everyone-

    I ll be done with my program December 20th, 2012 and at our school told us to send our application to the CA BRN 4-6 weeks before this date (December, 20).

    1) Do you feel this is sufficient time for the BRN to review my application in a timely matter? I want to take the exam as soon as possible, even if it means the first week of January or before.

    2) How soon should I send my application do you guys think?

    I will be sending with my application 2 Certified Court Documents from 2 traffic violations I obtained years ago that were over $300

    This past week I already ordered transcripts from two other different schools I attended for pre-reqs and I have also gotten my live scan.

    Another quick question.

    3) For violations of $300 it says to send the court certified documentation, but it also asks for an arrest report/or incidence report from the agency giving such, ( CHP, Sheriff, Police Department); does this incidence/arrest report also include for traffic violations even though I have never been arrested?

    Thanks in advance and have a great weekend!

    Eddie Boy
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    CA is one of the only states I know that will allow you to sit NCLEX as long as your nursing school is in CA and has sent in confirmation that you will be graduating. They will not however release any results without your file being complete