Scripps new grad program summer 2013

  1. 0 Thought I would post another thread on here for the scripps new grad program starting this summer as applications are open for internals and soon will open for externals. I myself am an internal, applied Monday, and have an interview already set for May 7th... Good luck to all!!!
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    Do you know what required for the application? is it just online app and resume/cover letter? or is there an essay, letter of intent, letters of rec, transcripts, etc to upload and submit? Just wondering so I can get ahead start on any of it this weekend! Thanks so much!

    Good luck!
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    also are they still only accepting the first 500 applications?
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    It is an app, and a resume, anything else such as cover letters etc are not required. After that there are supplemental questions. After those is a talent-mine assessment (personality test)... And THEN there are animated sims. All together it took me three hours, it took others longer... Not sure a to how many try are excepting... Good luck and I hope this helps!
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    Hi EMThalvy

    Do you recall the supplemental questions? If so, will you post them.
    Thank you in advance and CONGRATS on your interview!!!
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    wow, animated simulations...After months of job applications, that is defiantly a first for me! Thanks so much for all the info, and congrats on your interview!
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    Does anyone know what time it will open? And where it will be posted? Will it just say RN-New Grad under jobs? Thanks!
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    I am also anxiously waiting for the posting to appear! I wonder if the posting will say "New Grad" of some sort so it stands out.
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    Quote from Meg16
    I am also anxiously waiting for the posting to appear! I wonder if the posting will say "New Grad" of some sort so it stands out.
    I would advise doing searches on the words "new," "grad," and "training" :-) That's what I will do!
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    I'm still not seeing anything! Frustrating.
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    Its up! I think it was posted at 8am (HR opening?)
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    Is anyone having trouble submitting it? I send it then it leads me back to the login page. When I login the application isn't there.
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    Mine submitted fine, but I didn't get the "simulation questions" that a previous poster was talking about.

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