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Scripps New Grad Nurse Residency 2013 - page 19

Hello fellow new grads! I'm starting this post to round up all the applicants for the 2013 cohort at Scripps in San Diego. I called HR today and they were rather tight-lipped about when the... Read More

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    Because today is a busy, crazy day, and I might forget, I wanted to wish all of you Monday interviewees much luck.
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    During your interview were you asked what shift you preferred?? Or what unit? Did they ask specific unit questions? Thanks in advance.
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    Best of luck to everyone interviewing tomorrow!!! I'll be there at 1:30.
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    Quote from B217
    During your interview were you asked what shift you preferred?? Or what unit? Did they ask specific unit questions? Thanks in advance.
    I didn't get those questions. Shifts are based on your preceptor's shift. From what I hear, they may be changing how they are doing the residency: there will be two 20-week periods with the first 3 months precepted and the second two months on your own. Then you will switch units and precept for a couple of weeks before being set free. After that, you will be offered a position but it may be at another facility entirely or another unit.
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    Good Luck everyone today!!
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    I'm looking forward to hearing how things went! I know there are a bunch of you with early afternoon appointments.
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    good luck today guys!!!!
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    Just got home from my interview. It was pretty laid back everyone was really nice. I don't know why I get so nervous during these things...ugh. Well now for the waiting game. Good luck all! Going to try to figure out how to keep my mind off of it. At least we will know by the end of the week. Stay positive all
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    Me too! I hate being nervous during interviews. I feel like I sometimes don't complete my thought because my nerves get in the way. Oh well, all I can do is be hopeful. My interview did last about 40-45minutes so that may be a good thing...
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    Which hospitals were represented in your panels? And I'm glad it went well for you!
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    I had Encinitas, CV, and Mercy-Hillcrest on my panel.
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    Did everyone have people from the same units at different hospitals? Mine were ALL tele/dou managers from three different hospitals. Not much of a variety haha
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    I think three out of four were surgical acute on my panel.