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sbvc nursing fall 2013

  1. 0 has anyone applied to valley's rn program? has anyone been accepted into valley's rn program based on their new point system and how many points did you have if you got accepted?
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    I haven't applied yet. I'm also searching for students with this info. Have you applied?
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    yes i did and i didn't get in because they are based on points and my points aren't high enough...alls moving on..good luck to you!
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    I applied about 2 years ago. I'm now number 47

    Going to try & get in Spring 2014 based on the new point system. Anyone else waiting?
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    Ladykeshar if you dont mind me asking how many points did you have? I wan to apply and if all is good with the hesi, I will be at 84 points is that competitive enough?