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  1. Hello everyone

    I was wondering, does anyone know how many students are accepted each semester @ Santa Ana College's Nursing Program? I tried looking on their website with no luck. Any information would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
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  3. by   Laurel kane
    they take in 48 students a semester. and it's a loonnngg wait. i've been on the waiting list for over 3 years and just got my letter that i'm getting in this spring. i'm excited. finally
  4. by   michelle72
    Hi Laurel,

    How long ago did you get your letter saying you could take 112 and 103? I just got my letter today saying I should take them and I am wondering if I will really be admitted in either fall 2010 or spring 2011 like the letter says.

  5. by   Laurel kane
    Michelle, I got the letter right before last summer 2009 telling me to take the classes and I MIGHT get in fall 2009 or spring 2010. I called the school and they told me I most likely will not get in in the fall so i took those 2 classes this fall. A lot of ppl I know get in the next semester after they get the letter. I had good grades so I don't know why they've been screwing me around like this. so anyways it also depends on your grades, did you make the cut for the good grade thing?? if you did you will prob get in fall semester. Good luck with everything!!:heartbeat
  6. by   michelle72
    Thanks! That is good to know. I have all A's except for 1 B in physio, but I have been waiting since May of 07. I am still going to apply at GWC, Cerritos and Saddleback for fall just in case since I really want to start somewhere in the fall. Good Luck to you too!
  7. by   Laurel kane
    see *** you should have so been in by now if you had those good of grades. I know a couple ppl who are in my concepts of nursing class and they didn't meet the good grade thing ( i had better grades than them even) and are number 500 something on the waitlist. they both have only been waiting for under a year and they are getting in spring semester. it's not fair. i've known ppl who had grades like yours and got in the very next semester after signing up. they even had to take those 2 classes during the nursing program bc they got in so fast. so idk what's going on. i'm sooo confused.
  8. by   michelle72
    I know. I really don't know what is going on either. One of my friends has all A's in the prereqs and she has been waiting for a year now. It really makes no sense, but I am happy I am finally getting close!
  9. by   Vectrexevo
    I got in for the spring 2010 at SAC... I was number 432 on the list after 1 year on the list and I had A's and one B. There must be some type of lottery they do after the initial pick from the waiting list, because I have to take RN 103 and that other 2 unit class while taking RN 101/101L.
  10. by   dorkiexcici
    santa ana college lvn to rn program:::

    they are not accepting applications for lvn to rn program