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I'm getting ready to apply and just took my TEAS V. Didn't do as well as I would have liked. I'm a litle bummed and was wondering was some of the nursing students TEAS V and overall points were for this upcoming Fall 2013 year... Read More

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    Yes, I am from Delta as well.

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    Does anyone know what the lowest overall score was from Fall 2012? Worried that I won't get in!
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    I'm not exactly sure what the lowest score was, but 10% are picked by lottery so its always worth a try! Good luck! :-)
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    I heard it was 59, but I could be wrong. I wish they posted statistics like they do with the program at sac state.
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    I just submitted my app....I think my scoe was 61.5. Anyone else want to share scores? I'm not to hopeful with mine, but good luck to you all!!
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    I'm about to submit mine too, i think my overall right now is 62.5 which is extremely sad!! i would be confident if they were taking 70 like usual but since they're only taking 40 i'm really worried this time. Sucks that they're not taking more. If anyone does indeed know what the bottom score was last semester when they accepted 40 as well that would be really helpful. Hope to hear more comments
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    Hi everyone. It is my first time to apply for this school. I estimated that I got 69. I did horrible on my TEAS test which I did not have enough time to study before the exam and I took it anyways. I was spying the past fall 2012. I saw a few people saying that the cutoff was 59, but everyone said they were not sure about it. Couple people said that people high 50s and low 60s were eventually accepted into the program as well from alternate list. However, only the result can tell. Wish everyone good luck!
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    All we can do is wait now! I feel awesome just having submitted my application. We are all one step closer. :-) I wish you all the best of luck! I do have one question though. Did anyone else pay attention to their application # when reviewing app? I was # 920, does anyone know if that started at 1? Is there really going to b over 1000 people applying?
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    Quote from NB84
    Hey dlr13! I'm a Delta student and your score looks awfully familiar haha. Are you a Delta student as well?
    Yes, I am
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    Quote from dlr13

    Yes, I am
    Awesome! I have yet to submit my application. I've constantly looked at it. It's already finished and filled out but I have yet to hit the "submit" button. My application number was 1047 and a friend told me that number did not indicate how many applicants there were. This number of applicants is closer to the 500-600 range. I got that number from the lady at the front office.

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