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I recently applied and sent my questionnaire back for the UCSD new grad program for July 2010. Has anyone done the same and heard back from them? I noticed they took off the job posting already. Any info/tips/news/advice... Read More

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    wow, congratulations to those who got in.
    Does anyone know when they'll open the next new grad program?
    i am seriously looking for a job, i went to 2 hospitals to apply as a volunteer, 1 hospital told me they were not accepting volunteers at this time and the other hospital said they had a long wait list so i might not even get in till end of is that bad

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    Congratulations to those who already got in UCSD program.

    I'm apply for Oct, I'm nervous, sound really hard to get in their program.
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    Also waiting, fingers and everything else crossed to hear back from them with a job offer.
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    Hi everyone!

    I'm guessing the October application already passed. I'm trying to apply for the January cohort. Does anybody know when exactly the application will open? I know the website says apply about 3 months prior to the start date, but I just don't want to miss it.

    Thanks and good luck to everyone!
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    Sorry to say it and really don't want to be too negative, but it does seem like only the BSN new grads have a chance!!! I would LOVE to hear that a few ADNs are being interviewed and hired in CA...I also received the questionnaire and will fill it out like the rest of the applicants, but I truly believe that only BSN degree new grads will be interviewed for this position...Finally the opportunity to finish school came along to me, but at the wrong time...No matter, it will all work out eventually!! Good luck to all my fellow new grads!
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    Congrats to you guys who go into the new grad program, can you tell me how the preceptorship went, how long was it and anything else helpful you can tell me. Thanks
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    Hi PinkPickle You had mentioned the questions were hard and different, could you please elaborate more on that, could you share some of questions you were asked...I have an interview this week for UCSD new grad program and I am really nervous, any tips would be helpful. Thanks
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    I am a new grad, I just got a call yesterday to interview at UCSD this week, can any of you who went through the interview process please share your experience and interview questions. Do they tend to ask more situational questions? someone on here wrote that the questions are hard and not your typical questions!!! So this made me a little worried. This is my dream job, its for the IMU unit. I am just so excited, and I just want to be extra prepared. Any advice would be sooo helpful thanks
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    I will have interview at 5 west at hillcress campus for new grad. do you know what type of questions they will ask. please help me. thank you very much.
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    I really want to work at UCSD. Thanks for all the tips. I currently work at a hospital in SD but it's not my dream hospital. I can't complain though. I know someday I'll eventually end up at UCSD.

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