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Hi Everyone, I started a thread a couple of days ago but the title was vague so I hope this attracts more readers and future SMU applicants! I am applying for the Fall 2013 cohort for case management and wanted to start a... Read More

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    That's weird I got mine Tuesday and I have to return it by March 8th. I guess they're sending those out in waves.

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    I received the official e-mail on 2/26. I paid by credit card and faxed my letter of intent in order to expedite things.
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    I think they must send them out in waves.bwhich is weird but I guess they don't do one email for all Case Management students. I received mine only yesterday, so maybe that's why I have until the 13th?
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    Thanks for the update guys! I called them to verify and apparently they sent it to my SMU address (which I don't have access to anymore)... Good thing I checked! And I have until the 15th.
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    Hi driven, did you already create a facebook page? I'm not able to find it...
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    Quote from pixelle
    Hi driven, did you already create a facebook page? I'm not able to find it...
    Hey pixelle

    I did create a page. If you search "Samuel Merritt University ELMSN Case Management 2013" it should pop up. I'll make sure to look out for your request and add you! congrats
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    Has anyone else received any sort of packet about the program besides the email with the acceptance letter and letter of intent?

    Also, I cannot find the facebook page as well. :/
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    I still can't find the fbook page either I thought it was just me.

    Anyway, I haven't received a packet yet. Looks like we're playing another round of the waiting game, but at least this time we don't have to be nervous anymore.
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    Haven't received anything from them either and also can't find the FB page! LOL! Glad to know there are a few on the same boat
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    Hi everyone if you can PM me I will send you the FB link. It should be under Samuel Merritt Case Management 2013 or similar search

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