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Hi Everyone, I started a thread a couple of days ago but the title was vague so I hope this attracts more readers and future SMU applicants! I am applying for the Fall 2013 cohort for case management and wanted to start a... Read More

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    This is so exciting. I had my interview at 1pm and got my call last night. Congrats everyone!

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    Congrats everyone who has been accepted!!! I'm so nervous now
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    Does anyone mind sharing their stats?
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    Hi Lalalove - I had a 3.44 gpa last 60 units and 3.45 science - Teas Overall 99%, Reading: 96%, Math: 99%. Mediocre volunteer experience. I think the reason I got in though was mainly because of my past job (worked on a crisis unit with teens and was the main person coordinating triage) and having a family member as a lifelong patient. Good Luck! Just 1 more week at most!
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    Thank you sweetsas...I see why you got in..your teas score were amazing!!!Mines not so good and my science gpa 3.0 but similar overall gpas... she said my experience should help but idk..I'm hoping for the best...Congrats again
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    Has anyone else heard from SMU about Case Management? I don't think that they base admissions off any one area. I do believe they hold life experience and other relatable experience (volunteering) to the field highly. I would not give up hope just yet! It appears that FNP applicants are starting to hear back. I wonder when we will receive our admissions packet this week?
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    I just had my interview today, eeek!
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    I Just had my interview today for Case Management. I wanted to thank everyone for the advice and support that was shown on this forum. I'm crossing my fingers and praying I get in. Hopefully I will see you all this upcoming fall. =)
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    Good luck bananasinpjs and kevj82!
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    Rooting for you all!!! I agree Driven I believe that out essays, letters of rec, experience and life experience has a lot to do with it. People get so hung up on grades and test scores not they are not important but nursing has such a need for people who can relate and empathize with others. Good luck everyone. Hope to see you all in the fall!

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