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Samuel Merritt University ELMSN Program!?

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    I was hoping to connect with future students that are applying to the ELMSN program at Samuel Merritt University this Fall 2012? I am applying to the ELMSN-Case Management and thought it would be nice to meet everyone and keep each other updated and offer advice! I know it is crunch time right now as applications are due by Nov. 1 (for Oakland campus) but if anyone is interested in chatting feel free to respond! I saw a previous thread where applicants talked throughout the admission process and it seems like a great way to get to know fellow potential students! Good luck everyone
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    moved to CA State Nursing Program forum to elicit further response
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    I am! Good to meet others who also applying. Thanks for starting this thread.
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    Nice to meet you all! I applied to SMU's ELMSN in Case Managment for Fall 2013 as well as their ABSN Summer 2013 program... Glad to see this thread - wish there was a larger following though!! Good luck to you all!
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    Hi nice to meet you as well. I'm surprised more people have not responded to the thread but maybe that's due to the application deadline coming up. Maybe there will be a larger following after Nov. 1st? Good luck to you all I just turned my app in today! Whew a little pressure is off.
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    Hi everyone..I just applied to the CM program..I will tell you it is a relief off my shoulder but now the waiting game begins
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    Got an interview invite!! Anyone else? This forum is a little quiet ... Best wishes to you all!!