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Hi everyone, I did not see a post for the Spring 2012 ELMSN - FNP program in Sacramento, so I thought I would start one for all the hopeful FNPs. A little about me: My name is Jennifer and I... Read More

  1. by   JeninCA
    Sorry for the late reply. Thanks for all the kind words. I was very devastated when I heard the news but I guess it is for the best. I will be applying next year for the FNP and also the ABSN. We will see how it goes.

    I am really happy for everyone accepted into the program. Being accepted is such a great accomplishment. Let us know how the first semester goes. Good luck to everyone and I wish you an awesome first semester. Go get um'!
  2. by   Hello Nurse
    Hey All!

    Waitlisted #1. What do you guys think my odds are???
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    Hi Everyone!

    I'm applying for the Oakland Fall 2012 cohort and happened to run into some questions regarding the application process. I emailed the admissions counselors regarding the following questions, but they haven't replied back yet. So, I was hoping to get some answers from here for the time being.

    I'm not sure how your application was like. But, the application for the ELMSN-FNP Fall 2012 cohort in Oakland is in paper form and we are asked to elaborate on our paid/volunteer work experience and service, leadership, continuing professional development activities on A separate sheet each. I like to think of these as supplemental info because we also have a goal statement. The questions asked are exactly the same as the questions asked in the personal statement section in the ABSN program and we were allowed 1-2 pages per question. My question is does anyone know if it's okay to write a 1.5-2 page, double spaced essay for this section of the application?

    My second situation is that I did some pre-requisites for the ABSN program at a city college, but these classes are not required for the ELMSN program. Should I still list the college on my application and send in the transcripts from that school?

    Lastly, does anyone know if I have to send in my TEAS scores again? I sent it in from ATI when I applied for the ABSN program and I'm not sure if I would need to send it again.

    For those of you who are still reading...thanks for the help!

  4. by   heartservice
    1) For the essays, I spoke with Lizzie Mayo and she said single or double spaced is fine for the supplemental essay. I did a single spaced essay.

    2) You mus send all transcripts from ALL schools even if it is not a required pre-requisite. failing to do so can delay your application

    3) You do not need to re-send your test scores to SMU. Although, I would double check to see if they recieved your scores. I applied to both programs and sending it via ATI was fine.

    Hope that helps! Good luck!
  5. by   Polo2004
    I'm not sure if anyone reads this thread or not anymore, but I have been accepted to the EL-FNP program in Sacramento for 2012. I look forward to meeting all of you at orientation tomorrow! I have been researching places to live, as I am relocating from the Bay Area! I have found the rental market to be affordable for a one bedroom apartment up in Sacramento.
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  6. by   smschobert
    Now I am waitlisted #1....I really hope I hear soon that I got in. this is driving me nuts! So excited for all of you who already got in. My next problem will hopefully be applying for a loan and finding a place to live!!! *crossing fingers and praying*
  7. by   smschobert
    So I got accepted!!!
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  8. by   ateresa88
    i just found out i got accepted this week into the cm program!
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  9. by   dianah
    Just a gentle reminder:

    Soliciting for roommates is a Terms of Service violation.
    Sorry about that.

    Congrats to all and success in your program!
  10. by   smschobert
    alright in the heck do you purchase BOOKS thru SMU??? I am very confused about the interface. What is the nursing bundle anyway and why do I need 3 of them?? how much does it end up costing if you just let it pick them for you? and has anyone tried buying them on different websites??