Samuel Merritt ABSN Fall 2014

  1. Hello everyone! I didn't see a thread started for the SMU ABSN program Fall 2014 yet. I'm turning in my application tomorrow and I'm getting really nervous. Just wanted to see who else is applying and what were everyone's stats.

    Science GPA: 3.6
    Last 60 GPA: 3.2
    TEAS V Overall: 73.5%

    Good luck to everyone!
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  3. by   HopefulBSN1
    Hello! I have also just applied for the ABSN Fall 2014 cohort. I am so anxious to hear back but considering applications were JUST due, its going to be a few months

    My stats:
    Science GPA: 3.45
    Last 60 GPA: 3.61
    Teas: 83.3

    I hope my stats are competitive enough, this is my #1 school choice. Do you have any pre-reqs in progress?
  4. by   rinaa
    Hi HopefulBSN1,

    You're stats are competitive enough! But I only have stats that's in progress but I should be finishing it in May. What about you?
  5. by   jh3697
    Hello everyone-

    I applied for the fall 2014 absn as well.

    Science GPA: 3.81
    Last 60 GPA: 3.6
    TEAS V Overall: 90.1%

  6. by   HopefulBSN1

    I hope so! I have patho planned for the summer.


    Very impressive!
  7. by   black&teal
    Hello! I applied too and I'm so nervous! The tentative timeline says that decisions will be released May 9th...seems soon yet so far away. Haha I'm really wondering how big the application pool will be since there's only one campus for Fall... Ahh.

    Science: 3.6 ; Last 60: 3.2 (low ) ; TEAS overall: 95.3%

    Thanks for starting this thread, btw!
  8. by   rinaa
    np! black&teal my last 60 was a 3.2 too but at least your TEAS score was high!
  9. by   rinaa
    Did anyone else apply to any other school for the Fall?
  10. by   sunshine5300

    I just applied last Friday for this Fall. Nice to see you've started this group!

    No, I am not applying anywhere else at this point. Where did you guys take patho and pharm? I still have to take those. I think I'm going to have a busy summer. : )
  11. by   rinaa
    Hi Sunshine 5300,

    I took my patho and pharm at Santa Barbara City College. They're both online classes and I got A's in both of them so they weren't so hard.
  12. by   HopefulBSN1
    Would you say it was fairly easy getting into those classes if you are a first time student there? I'm worried I will not have any priority
  13. by   jh3697
    I am currently taking Patho over at yuba community college (online)- it was easy to get into this class as the instructor continually added people regardless of how full it got.

    Pharm I am also currently taking at santa barba junior college (online)
  14. by   sunshine5300
    Ok Thanks Rinaa. I know Santa Barbara seems to be very popular with hopeful SMU students, and I have heard it's not too hard. But like HopefulBSN1, I worry that I won't get in. I'm glad to know about Yuba Community College as another option.

    Look forward to learning alongside all of you in the Fall!

    Hey, is it still November 1 start (meaning early November)? Has anybody heard anything different?