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Was looking around and couldn't find a thread for this. Has anyone else applied to this program & which campus did you pick for first choice? Would love to hear back from fellow applicants :)... Read More

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    Congrats! Which program were you accepted in? Is is Spring (Jan) Sacramento or San Mateo?
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    Congratulations to everyone who got accepted to the ABSN program at the San Mateo Campus. I graduated from there on 12/2011. For those who were asking about clinicals, your clinical sites will be assigned around mid february. Locations are around the bay area and east bay. You're going to have a great time.
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    Hey can you let me know where did you take your patho and pharm classes online...I'm still finishing my B.S. in health science, but I would love to start on those classes as well..I don't wan to tak them at SMU bc there super pricy..I rather do them online...Please let me know..thanks
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    Hi d1amond,

    I took my classes online through SMU. It's pricey - $3.5k, but it allowed me to take all the needed pre-reqs in order to apply on time for the summer 2013 program.
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    Hello all!

    I'm a current student working to get into SMU ABSN in Sac, hopefully by 2014. Would those of you either accepted, waitlisted, or already done please share more about your application stats? I am pretty intimidated from what I have read!

    I'd love to hear some success stories that may give me some hope!

    Best wishes to all of you!
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    Hi everyone! I'm also hoping to apply for spring 2014 and I was wondering if anyone could share their gpa's and teas scores? Just trying to figure out what my chances are, thanks so much!!
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    Hello StacyMarie982,

    Where did you take pathophysiology?
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    Was anyone accepted that was in the process of finishing their bachelors degree when they applied?