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I haven't found a thread for this yet, so I figured I would start one! I am applying in August, after I have my grades from my summer courses. I was wondering what stats other applicants have as well :) I still have to complete... Read More

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    ABSN is not hard
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    I will be graduating this month. staffs are very nice and supportive. make sure you guys help each other
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    Oaklander - congrats! The Oakland cohort class of 2014 attended orientation yesterday and have another one today. And I at least am a little nervous about the workload. But if you say ABSN isn't hard - than I will gladly take your word for it. happy job hunting!
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    Thanks for the reply yedwards! This is very helpful information! Sometimes I think it's impossible to get into the program but maybe if I start volunteering now and getting my GPA up I'll have a chance. I have a GPA of 2.9 and I have two more semesters in my Bachelors program to go. I'm pretty worried that my GPA is too low but I'm determined to raise it if that means a chance to get into the program. It's kind of my only plan after graduation. I had my heart set on Oakland because it's only 20 mins away from my house but I can be flexible. Luckily the program is only a year long. Thanks for the little glimmer of hope!
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    You're welcome Miss Beee! Your plan sounds good. Do as well as you can in your remaining classes (and if you can take another easy course or more to increase your GPA by all means do so). Volunteering and excellent letters of recommendations will be very helpful. Applying to one or more cohorts/start dates will give you an advantage too - though I understand you live in Oakland and commuting to other Bay Area SMU campuses (San Mateo or Sacramento) would be a stretch. Overall, work hard and go for it! Definitely keep us in the loop about your progress/applying to SMU.
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    I will be applying to the ABSN program in September. I was wondering how you did with the writing samples. It seems like the ask for you to have A LOT of experience. In one sample they ask about community/school activities, academic honors, cont ed, and publications and then another sample on volunteer work and/or work experience. What all did you have? I have work and volunteer experience but for the second sample regarding community activities and such I have no idea what I am going to write about. Any advice would help! Thanks!
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    Hi Rachelynn! I will also be applying to the ABSN program for San Mateo site on September 1st! It's approaching very quickly. I, too, am working on the papers and am a bit stuck on this prompt (I've set it aside for now, ha). For academic honors, I included cum laude awards, if you graduated with honors, and for publications, I used a related research project.

    If you don't mind me asking, where are you applying and what are your stats?

    I graduated with 3.9
    Current pre-reqs are at 3.5

    I haven't taken the TEAS V yet, have you? Any advice?

    Thanks so much, looking forward to a reply.
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    Unfortunately I haven't graduated yet so I cant say I've graduated with any honors I am on the dean's list tho but idk if that counts? Was your research project published? I am applying to the Oakland cohort for summer 2014. When r u applying? My last 60 unit gpa is around 3.6 and my pre req gpa is 3.4 i think. I took it and got an 89 . I recommend getting the study guide from ATI. It isn't too bad. Sorry for the late reply I just saw this!
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    and you're applying in sep lol I missed that!

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