Samuel Merritt ABSN Summer 2012

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    hi everyone!

    so, the applications are due today (september 1st) for summer admission to absn program at samuel merritt. how does everyone feel about their application?? what campus did you apply to?

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    Moved to CA Nursing Programs Discussion forum for more responses.
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    I did!! I turned it in yesterday and they got it today! I can't believe it's happening. I applied to San Mateo campus. You??
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    I applied to Oakland as my first choice and SF as my second choice. I just turned in my application today. How did you find out they got it so quickly?? Good luck!
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    Oh I did Priority Mail and it came with confirmation delivery. It's nice because I can track the package. Good luck to you too!
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    Hey, guys! I mailed mine on Thursday (it looks like everyone here "loves" to do stuff at the very last moment) with the tracking number, so it was delivered on Sept 2nd at 10:03AM. Yey! I did it! My first choice is San Mateo, second SF. I'm also applying to UCSF Acute Care NP graduate program for the summer 2012. That's some tough application with 5 recommendation letters! For some reason UC application is even more expensive than Samuel Merritt's, $80 vs. $50. Maybe because it's graduate. Who knows. I sent 5 recommendation letters with my SMerritt's application. Isn't it crazy? Will they even open them all? I just thought that since I have them, I should show them all. Maybe it was a poor decision but it's too late anyways...
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    What are your TEAS scores? Mine isn't stellar, only 86.7%. I'm just wondering if it's good enough for them.
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    Hi Elena,

    5 recommendations?? I believe they specifically said no more than 2. Maybe I'm wrong. My TEAS score is about the same as your's too. So, we'll see.
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    I know that they said 2 but when I saw Lizzie (counselor), she said that I can give them up to 4. But since I asked 5 people for a recommendation letter, I had 5 of them... maybe I made a mistake, but I really can't wait to get into some program and be done with it as soon as possible.
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    Ah I see. Sorry for the misunderstanding. I think it was another school that specifically states 2 and no more than 2. My mistake.

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