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Starting a new thread for the Spring 2011 SMU applicants for the Sacramento Campus and all others as well. Post your stats, any other important information you might have heard about the... Read More

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    Yes, makes much more sense... TY- Is anyone applying to the Sac cohort?

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    I'm applying to the Sac cohort, hopefully I can turn in my application on Wednesday!
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    Good! Well good luck!!! What are your stats?

    According to my online app-
    undergrad GPA is 3.5
    science GPA is 3.35
    Teas was 84 (I think)
    Last 60 is 3.74
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    My GPA is a 3.49
    Science 3.67
    Teas 84.1
    I'm finising up A&P II, Pharmacology and a Patho class in the fall. I'm volunteering at a free clinic in Champaign, IL and shadowing the nursing staff. I just finished my CPR for healthcare providers course and my references are in! I'm really happy/lucky to be volunteering at this clinic, it's a great place for people in my area that are uninsured or underinsured to get healthcare.
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    All the way from IL huh?? Do you have family out here?

    Our stats are pretty similar (minus the science UGH, which Patho brought me down)
    I have worked in the Telemetry and SNF areas in a hospital during nursing school.
    I also mentored highschool students and did alot of volunteer work with the Salvation Army, because of my ex-bf.
    I am taking Interpersonal Communication this summer- somehow never managed to get one of those in my five years of college...
    *I loved Pharmacology*
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    Yea all the way from IL. I do have family in the bay area and I just loved Sac when i visited it last year and then again this year. My boyfriend just graduated Law School and is sitting for the California bar this July. We went apartment shopping and we could not believe the prices compared to Chicago. I really hope I get in!
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    I live in the outskirts of Sac, although I do love it. Nice that you have someone out here already. Its very cheap out here compared to the Bay Area too.

    I hope we both get in! Study group!!! October seems so far, maybe there won't be a lot of applications, that'd be nice!
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    Here's hoping! I think the process might go quicker due to the new system of applications maybe they will be able to let us know by the end of August or early September.
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    I'm applying for Sacramento, for the accelerated BSN and the Case Management.

    My GPA is 3.97, science GPA is 4.0, and I'm taking the TEAS on June 24th (I'm nervous!)
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    I didn't know you could apply to both. Is that common and does it increase your chances or negatively impact them at all?

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