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Hi all! I am a pre-nursing student getting ready to put in my applications for Spring 2013. I was wondering if anyone might be able to give me a general idea of what Saddleback College's Nursing... Read More

  1. by   applered
    Quote from cathering
    I stopped by the nursing office and they said they weren't even close to ready! >.<

    Good luck!
    They're not even close to being ready to send them out? or not ready finalizing the people they accepted ? I hope they're just not ready to send the letters out.
  2. by   dazzlechunk
    I think they came out a week or so early for the fall (so I heard), so maybe they will come out early this time. If not, we'll probably get them by Sept 30 like they posted. I hope we all get in.
  3. by   jenmillsie
    I heard they are behind schedule and to expect letters the first part of October.
  4. by   cathering
    I just go the mail. I got in!!!!!! wishing everyone got in!! Yayy
  5. by   applered
    Got mail. Accepted. Yey!!!
  6. by   MusicEMT
    does anyone know if they are going to send letters if u didnt get accepted?
  7. by   MusicEMT
    I still havnt gotten anything in the mail.. maybe today? to the ones that got accepted: do you live closer to the college?
  8. by   MusicEMT
    i didnt get in.. my pre req gpa was too low: 2.69.. im pretty bummed
  9. by   ctgangel
    I got in!! Keep your head up I got very low points and got in! I had about 60 Pts unless I was able to get some from my job.
  10. by   dazzlechunk
    Congrats to all that got in. I didn't. What does it mean when it says "we are holding your application in a 1st pool which we will pull from should any of the 60 students or alternates decline"? Does that mean that all of us that did not got in are in the same pool and I could be any number? Or does that mean that I could be an 11th or 12th alternate if that had such a thing? Please let me know. I'm still hoping to get in.
  11. by   dazzlechunk
    Also, I am hearing that some have got in with lower points than me (I got 64) and I got all A's in my pre-req bios with a 2.91 GPA. I wonder if I filled out the application incorrectly or they didn't tally my points correctly. Ugh
  12. by   dazzlechunk
    ctgangel. Congrats to you. Are you an LVN, EMT, PM, CNA, or medical military with 1000+ hrs by chance? Maybe that's why they let you in because I think you get an extra 12 or an extra 8 if your a medical assistant or something with so many hrs work. Just trying to figure out why I didn't get in or even on the alt list because I have 64pts and all A's in my bio most pre-reqs. Thank you
  13. by   ctgangel
    Hi dazzlechunk,
    I think i did end up getting 12 points somehow. I also have a high gpa overall. My bios were two A's and one B. I averaged about 60 but i think i ended up with 72. If your in the first pool you have a good chance of getting in still i believe. My friend was in the first pool last semester and she got in. They say that 67 and above may get you in but that 72 and above gives you a higher chance of getting in. Have you taken all of the pre reqs? or i should say extra classes? ex. pharm, lifecycles 1,2 and nursing concepts?
    hope that helps. i know it can be daunting.