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Hi all! I am a pre-nursing student getting ready to put in my applications for Spring 2013. I was wondering if anyone might be able to give me a general idea of what Saddleback College's Nursing program is like? I really would... Read More

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    I'm in the program. They admit by point system, so even if you have lower gpa, you can get points from other things, like clinical/hospital/medical/patient/client experience, or from finishing required subjects before the program-- life span psychology, pharmacology, etc, you get points from getting a high TEAS score, for having a BS degree, etc.

    If u can get a point total in the mid 70s you'll get in.

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    Thanks mgarrett13. I think I'll apply there as well.
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    I was told that there were about 250 applicants this time which I think is in the normal range.
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    Anyone apply to Concordia? I want to but know its really expensive and I don't want another loan.
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    I am in Prof. Danko's pharmacology class this semester and last week she told us that they (she is part of the selection team) were finalizing their picks and sending out letters at the end of the following week, which would be this week. I'd say it's safe to say we should be receiving our letters by the beginning of next week! (May 20th or so) Good luck to all of us!
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    That's great news! I only applied to Saddleback. I was going to apply to Concordia if I was able to get a student loan, but I just found out today that you need to have your RN first, or a bachelors degree in order to get into the accelerated BSN program. I need like 5 more classes before I can get my bachelors in business administrations (since that was my previous major) and so its probably best to get my RN first, then go for BSN.
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    I just called the nursing department and she said they are working on them now and they should go out the beginning of next week! So excited!
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    I am so anxious to hear if I got into saddleback! I am watching the mailbox and praying it comes. ��
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    I am in! Just got the letter in the mail.
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    Congrats!! I was just gonna post that the letters are arriving. I'll see you in the program.

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