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I am looking at both Unitek and Carrington for the LVN program here in Sacramento and would like to get feedback. Price: Unitek is 32K and Carrington is 45K Length: Unitek is 11 months and... Read More

  1. by   Christine2009
    Quote from lolibee
    hi there, i am slightly confused, because when i read the website, i still read 14months plus 10 weeks for the
    bioscience course. when i went in to talk with carrington college they went through the time line of the class(s)
    16 month full time for lvn program, 16 months part time for bridge prereqs, then another 8 months full time for nursing program.

    q: how long is the lvn program?
    a: program is approximately 14 months long including clinical training. this does not include the time needed for the essential medical bioscience course.
    q: how long is the essential medical bioscience course?
    a: approximately 10 weeks/80 course hours.

    here is the breakdown,

    bioscience course 10 weeks = (1 1/2 months)

    two week break between prereq course and module one = 2 weeks (2 months)

    module one: 12 weeks = (5 months)

    module two: 12 weeks = (8 months)

    module three: 12 weeks = (11 months)

    two week break between module three and module four = (11 1/2 months)

    module four: 12 weeks (14 1/2 months)

    total program: 14 months!!!! (that is with the breaks added in)
  2. by   jsoudy
    I am a graduate of Carrington College Sacramento, CA.(back when it was still Western Career). I graduated from their LVN program in 2009.

    I was honestly very satisfied with the program. When it boils down to it, it all depends on how good of a student you are and your commitment. You can go to the best nursing school in the world but if you are a cruddy student and aren't 100% committed into putting the time and discipline it takes to succeed, then you will not do well.

    I fully utilized the career placement center and got a nursing job after my first interview. I am now in process of starting their LVN to ADN program in March 2013.

    I think Carrington has the most straight forward program and they are very clear about what it will take to succeed. Their clinical instructors were amazing and I still keep in touch with a few of them to this day.

    I was doing an LVN to BSN program through Indiana State University online only to recently (as of this past month or two) have the program fall apart due to not being compliant with the California Board of Nursing. This is why I am in process of going back to Carrington to get my Associates instead.

    Yes its pricey but for me its worth every penny to get in, study my butt off, and get out. Carrington has never had any issues (at least as long as I had gone there) with accreditation nor to my knowledge have they ever had issues regarding accreditation.

    I honestly do not know anything regarding Unitek but I hope this helps with any questions regarding Carrington College Sacramento and the LVN program there.
  3. by   AllieandTT
    I’m at Unitek College now and really like the LVN program. I like my teachers and enjoy the learning environment very much. My friend graduated from Unitek a few years back and is now taking his online bsn program with them. It definitely says something about the school when someone goes back for more training. They have a impressive staff and go out of their way to help and prepare students for their career, so yes I would definitely give them a look at.
  4. by   nila1616
    Hi jsoudy,
    I just wanted to ask you if you are stuck paying for ISU? I signed up right when everything fell apart and they refuse to issue me a refund even though I cannot attend ISU anymore. I attended the LVN-RN seminar through Carrington in Sac today, but I am weary since I got screwed over already. I tried to ask how the class schedule was like and the lady just said I have to be available 24/7 for them which is ridiculous. I work part time and have a toddler so I plan everything ahead of time. The seminar was a complete waste of time because no one was able to tell me the schedule. Has anyone at Carrington given you anything with the times/dates of the classes for March 2013?
  5. by   vintagemother
    Sacramento also has charles a jones, twin rivers, yuba and Kaplan as far as Lvn schools go. If you look around on here, ill bet u find a Carrington thread that discusses schedules.
  6. by   vintagemother
    Whoops- I thought u were referring to straight Lvn programs, not bridges. I knew some women who attended carrungtons bridge. I think they too their gen Ed online, which was a time saver. The schedule seemed like it was really conducive to being able to work full time.
    Sierra college has a bridge, so do the Los rios community colleges and yuba community of Phoenix has a bridge Lvn to bsn.

  7. by   MAtoLVN
    Anyone doing carrington's lvn program in sac starting in march?