Sacramento City College ADN Spring 2018

  1. Anyone get accepted to Sacramento City College's ADN for Spring 2018? I did and I haven't heard much of anything from them. I've emailed them a couple of times with no response yet.

    I rescinded an acceptance to another school for this fall so I could go to SacCity in the Spring, and by this time frame we already had our information.

    SacCity said we would get information this month, but I really need to know when orientation is going to be so I can scheduled it out. I heard orientation is multiple days, is this true?? I need to know what the hours are going to be for Spring 2018 so I can figure out how I'm going to get my kids taken care of--the website is not specific. Do we have to apply for the Spring so we can register? By what date do we need to complete physicals and vaccinations? If we have to make appointments with our own physicians, the time is now.

    Any former Spring starters have information you care to share? Is there a place I can get a syllabus on the SCC website?