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  1. by   emlamRN
    Hey you guys!

    Are you guys planning to submit the housing app that's coming out on the 14th? It sucks how the housing apps come out soon when we don't even know if we got into the program or not yet!
  2. by   smokeybear
    Hey! Im debating whether to apply for on campus housing (American courtyard I think is what it's called) or to university village which is much less money than the on campus housing and really close to the nursing building but I think you need to put on the application your preferred roommates. So if you're looking for a nursing roommate just email me! By the way I am applying for fall 12 clinicals too! Good luck and let me know if you're interested in a roommate my name is Joanna by the way and my email is
  3. by   Spiffyness
    Do you know when the campus housing applications closes and if it's mandatory to apply for it before a certain time? I think we hear back about our decisions in late April and I didn't know if we were allowed to wait until whether or not we are 100% going to CSUS to apply to housing. Cause I don't want to apply now when CSULB is my first choice and I am waiting to hear back from them first. And does it cost anything to apply? I've never applied for housing cause I've commuted my whole college experience so I'm totally new to this stuff.
  4. by   smokeybear
    I don't think that there is a deadline for housing but the apps open up for the American courtyard tomorrow afternoon I believe. However, I think you are more likely to get the room that you want if you apply as early as possible. I would call and ask the housing department first though.
  5. by   Spiffyness
    I have no idea what the American courtyard is. Is it a set of dorms or apartments on campus? I just don't want to apply for housing when it's not my top choice because if I decide not to attend CSUS (which is pretty likely now) there might be a cancellation fee or something. But if I do end up going to CSUS I wouldn't have a place to stay if I don't apply! Hopefully the deadline is after we find out if we're in the program or not, because until then I don't plan to apply for it.
  6. by   kaiamc
    Joanna are you in ---- class?
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