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Hello Everyone, I am about to send in my application to CSU Sacramento for Fall 13 and was wondering if there are any other people in the same predicament. Would love love to hear your experiences... Read More

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    Quote from eama4444
    I am applying to East Bay, Stanislaus, SFSU, Fresno, Bakersfield, SJDC, and LMC. The last two being community colleges. Really hoping for Sac though!

    Do you have a preference amongst the schools you are applying for critter55?
    Yea Long BEach is my first choice then Sacramento then Chico. But ill take any of them if it comes down to it!!
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    Thanks Nurseinthemaking20, good luck to you too! I'll probably follow some of the suggestions you have about maybe creating a new thread or I'll try private messaging some of the current Sac State nursing students.
    Either SF State or Sacramento State are my top choices, but I don't have a clear first choice between the two.

    I wanted to check that after we order the official Teas results from ATI online, it shows up as
    "You have already sent TEAS results to (dates sent in parentheses): CA State Sacramento"
    in your ATI account. Just want to make sure I sent it to the right place.
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    critter55- I am with you, about taking any of the programs. As much as I want Sac, just getting into a program is the main thing!

    ElliotPB- That is what my ATI account shows as well. Hopefully that means we both did it right.
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    Uuurgh!! The waiting is killing me!! Two more days and we will find out from Sac State...
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    I thought we had to wait until May to hear back from them?

    eama4444 - Thanks, just wanted to check that I did that part right
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    Quote from ElliotPB
    I thought we had to wait until May to hear back from them?

    eama4444 - Thanks, just wanted to check that I did that part right
    I think she means the admission decision to the university, not the nursing program. We will find out in May for nursing. Hehe.
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    Does anyone have any idea what the program is actually like? How many hours a day it is and how many days a week and what not? I just dropped off my application today at Sac State. So nervous
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    wanisai- I know! I will probably start checking at midnight Friday, and then every minute following!, lol

    michelle_13- We are all nervous! In my obsessive searching for more information I came across this pdf from Spring 2012, with potential weekly schedules for different sections the first semester. It is not as good an answer as you could get from a current student, but I think it is better than nothing, so I thought I would share.
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    I've new doing the same thing! My poor boyfriend has to listen to me reading him everyone's posts on here talking about the program. Glad everyone's freaking out like I am. I'm looking at an 81 right now but trying not to get my hopes up. Everyone on here has been really helpful with all of their information though.
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    I've been obsessively researching also. I'm even annoying myself. I've been basically stalking this forum reading what all you guys have been saying about the program. Everyone has been so helpful.
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    Exactly! Everyone has been laughing at me for all my obsessing, but this is such a huge thing, I think some obsessing is appropriate.
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    I'm sure, anybody who has been working so hard for the past few years to get to this point is obsessing. Of course we are obsessing, this is so important to us.

    Eama4444- thanks so much for posting that schedule for 2012. That gives us a pretty good idea of how our scheduele could look like if we get accepted. It seems like we would for sure have two days off. Sunday and then one week day, either Tuesday or Fridays. And we'd get MOST Saturdays off but not all. That's pretty cool. I'm used to having to go to school or work 7 days a week so that's not bad at all! It's too bad we don't get to pick our sections though.
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    Thanks eama4444 for that schedule! It look brutal. It's going to be difficult to keep track of where you're supposed to be every day.