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Hello Everyone, I am about to send in my application to CSU Sacramento for Fall 13 and was wondering if there are any other people in the same predicament. Would love love to hear your experiences as well.... Read More

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    Hey guys I'm more than happy to answer your questions. Sorry about the inbox issue. I thought I cleared it recently. Anyway, the program is way less work than I expected. I am a super over studier and I do things way ahead of time and I'm still finding it very manageable. Having said that, there are many students who are frustrated and feeling crunched. The front loading period goes by pretty quickly and the hardest part is figuring out your schedule, but it's so doable. Just show up every day around 7:30 and follow everybody else. lol. I think you have plenty of time for extracurriculars, but I'm not married and have no kids so it may be different for others. The student life is something I don't feel I can comment on well without knowing what you would consider a good student life. I've found it to be good because the people I chatted with on and I got together prior to the first week of school to meet each other and get going. I was lucky to find a group of responsible and studious people who were just excited about the process as I was and am.

    I found that the prereqs were much more difficult than what I've experienced in the program thus far, but we have yet to have our first test so I'm sure I may feel differently after that. One thing I can say that's much easier about these classes versus the prereqs is that class now is so much fun because it's interactive, and we get to put textbook knowledge into practice and do fun stuff with each other and the mannequins. Plus, the staff is really really great. Our professors are very engaging and passionate, and I don't even dread waking up early anymore. Class starts at 8 most days, and 6:15 other days. It's great though, and I'm shocked that I can say that about waking up early!
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    Crebs- thanks so much for your insight. It makes me that much more excited. But I guess I need to slow down and not get ahead of myself. I still have to wait and see if I get accepted, and something tells me this semester is going to have a very competitive applicant pool and I don't want to get my hopes up.
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    I know what you mean nurseinthemaking20... I've been too excited and thinking of all these scenarios but nothings out yet lol .. every year seems to get a lot more competitive. It's time for me to come back to earth. And just wait.
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    Rafaeia- exactly! Who knows how high the point cut off will be this time.
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    I put my application in the mail yesterday. Phew! I sent it certified, just to be sure. It's a good feeling to have that done, although now it's the wait-and-see torture!

    crebs, thanks so much for your thoughts. You make me even more excited about the program. I am a little torn between Sac State and USF. Of course, I don't know that I'll get into either or both, but -- if I do -- I don't know which is my first choice. Because I'm a second bacc student, I could get a MSN at USF. I just don't know if that would make a big difference. I really just want to be a nurse. And I get such good reports (like yours) about CSUS. Any thoughts you, or anyone else, has about this are most welcome!

    I also did my Spanish test at Sac. On Friday. The tester was super nice, I agree. I enjoyed walking around campus in the early evening light. I felt like I would really love to go to school there (given the chance).
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    Yes nurseinthemaking20, I really do wonder about the cut off points for F'13. Well since we both have the same point amount, we are definitely in the same boat. x)

    I agree scwolf... would love to go there if I get in. Hope we do!

    Also, there's a scholarship for Sac state, transfers applicable! $1000-$2000 amount, you need your transcripts, two recommendation letters (one must be from a faculty member) and an essay describing why you want to attend Sac state, goals, hardships, etc... it's a great opportunity. more info can be found here:


    The deadline is March 1st.
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    Disregard the third link, about the scholarship instructions since it has not been updated on the website (says 2012-2013 for some reason) but here's the 2013-2014 scholarship instructions scanned here:
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    double post x(
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    rafaeia, thank you so much for sharing the scholarship info!

    Do you have any idea if transfers can apply, given that is says you need to be accepted already and we won't be accepted for a few weeks?
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    ... if we're lucky, of course.

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