Sac state (CSUS) nursing spring 2013 - page 5

Hey, is anyone applying to sac state for spring 2012? Do you think it will be easier to get into since they won't accept any non-sacstate students? What do u think the cut off will be? Sorry for... Read More

  1. by   crebs
    OK I'm sitting at my computer with my email open. Ayayay I wish I didn't have this information. I hope it really will be today!
  2. by   crebs
    I just got my email! I'm in! Who else????? I know everybody who posted here is in! Post it!
  3. by   dreambig2015
    I am alternate # 7
    is that good or bad?
  4. by   crebs
    I think #7 is ok. I'm not sure. They usually say 2-3 people pass up a spot in the semester but stay positive! How many points did they give you?
  5. by   dreambig2015
    I have 47 points
  6. by   crebs
    Don't stress out! Think positively and work on all the stuff that needs to be complete before the start of the semester. Last semester they got to I think alternate #47!
  7. by   dreambig2015
    Since I am an alternative, I did not receive a document stating all the required stuff yet. Ahhh now I have to wait longer
    I kind of have hope because I am number 7 but then I am scared too.
  8. by   crebs
    CPR is the only one that I'd suggest you get started on. Just pick a date and register. Get all your Immunization records together, and your health insurance and car insurance information.
  9. by   ♪♫ in my ♥
    Quote from crebs
    I just got my email! I'm in! Who else????? I know everybody who posted here is in! Post it!
    Congrats. I remember when I got my e-mail... I jumped up and down and whooped it up... my kid thought I'd gone nuts. It's been close to 6 years but I remember it like it was yesterday.

    Y'all are lucky to wear that Hornet green... we were sporting the Good Humor white :-)
  10. by   crebs
    Thanks! I'm excited, for myself and for the 10 or so alternates that will get in! That means YOU dreambig! We have to turn in our intent to enroll forms by the 26th, so dreambig just look out for an email on the 27th!
  11. by   dreambig2015
    Thank you so much for the positiveness Crebs! It really means a lot
    I will keep everyone updated
  12. by   kaiamc
    I was volunteering at the open house last night in the skills lab. I am super surprised that they released the acceptance letters early but congrats to those who made it in, and keep thinking positive to those that didn't get an immediate acceptance, I got mine a month after the initial one but they went pretty far on the alternate list for fall. Dreambig, I was alternate number 25 and made it is so I think number 7 sounds pretty safe. Ill cross my fingers for you.
  13. by   hbadhesha
    Hi you guys! I haven't posted hear in a while, and I just got my admissions acceptance so I came to check up on the forum again! I was wondering if any of you guys were moving into Sacramento and if you guys had looked around for apartments that would be suitable to live in. I'm so excited to start, but then again just as, if not more nervous. Let me know if any of you guys have any helpful information! Hope to hear from you guys soon