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Hey, is anyone applying to sac state for spring 2012? Do you think it will be easier to get into since they won't accept any non-sacstate students? What do u think the cut off will be? Sorry for all these questions. Has... Read More

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    I am not able to find the facebook page.

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    Never mind I found it
    just type: /groups/csusf14 after the .com
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    added you
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    Once accepted how long will we have to complete CPR/background check? Are you taking any co-reqs or other non-nursing classes this semester? Wondering if you have the minimum work load or more?
    Since I was accepted for Fall we had almost the entire summer to prepare with CPR and background check and we had a specific final deadline, yours will of course be different since the break is much shorter so thats not a Q I can answer definitively. You will get a list of deadlines for each item required on your cohort website. People who get the VA as their clinical site will have more work to do as they do a separate background check. I am not taking any corequisites or non-nursing courses, I took pharmacology over summer so that I only had 12 units to complete. I have the bare minimum workload since I did not know what to expect I personally think work wise another class would have been doable but the nursing program schedule is very all-over-the-place. You have to come in for some days that are not on the official sac state schedule, and things that you find out about last minute because its hard to keep track of everything thats going on. Front loading during the first two weeks is very very busy, overwhelmingly so, and I cannot imagine trying to squeeze in another class unless you can add night or weekend classes in to your schedule unless you are willing to have attendance issues in your other, non-nursing classes.

    I heard some students sell their scrubs to new students. I'm trying to lose weight now so I don't get fatter wearing those comfy scrubs. We only wear them on clinical days right?

    Yes you may find used scrubs for sale by some of the fourth semester students but not too many, again the Dove scrubs are way better quality than the other scrubs on the market, they wash easy and come very clean, I think they were worth the money. No we do not only wear them on clinical days, you wear them for simulation lab, some wear them for clinical prep (day before clinical) if they don’t feel like wearing business attire for clinical prep, and they are also worn for N15 and N16 lab classes and for volunteer stuff. You will want to have two, trust me. I would say I wear them 2-3 times per week.

    Hey everybody, I created a facebook group if anybody wants to join. I can't post the web address on here but if you search CSU Sacramento Nursing Fall 2014 you should be able to find it. If you're on facebook and delete everything in the address bar that comes after ".com" and type in groups/csuF14 you'll be at the site.

    Hey Crebs, I would recommend changing the name of your FB page, you have to get authorization to use the University name may I suggest “sac nurse hopefuls fall 2014“ or something more anonymous. They talked to us about FB stuff during orientation and the message was, to avoid.

    I look forward to meeting all of you. Kaiamc, if you would not mind answering a question, how many days of clinical were scheduled for the weekends? I ask because I work in a lab on the weekends and would like to keep the job if possible.

    We have not yet had a weekend clinical in my section, but we did come in on one Saturday for tests. It depends on the number of Monday holidays you have during the semester because they will adjust your weekend days because of this. Your most important lecture is N12 which occurs on Mondays so they want to make sure you get the info you need. I believe some clinical sections will have to do a Saturday at the end of the semester so be prepared as you do not get to pick your clinical section.
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    Thanks for taking the time to answer all our questions! I changed the facebook to Sac Nurse Fall 2014
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    Kaiamc your awesome! (: Can't say thanks enough. I always like taking new pre-nursing students under my wing, so thanks for returning the favor.
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    Thank you Kaiamc! It was really nice of you to spend some time answering our questions
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    Did anyone posting apply and not get in last semester? I applied and didn't quite make it. Just curious. Crebs your name looks familiar to me.
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    Hey inspace,

    Nope, I've never applied before. I'm hoping I get in as I've heard the wait for nursing school admission can be like 5 years! This wait is killing me. I just want my stethoscope already so I can start harassing friends and family to let me listen to their lungs and stuff. haha
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    I think this semester you might have a good chance of getting accepted, depending on your score since admissions were closed to non-sacstate students. If you don't mind sharing, do you know how many admission points you have?

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