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Hey, is anyone applying to sac state for spring 2012? Do you think it will be easier to get into since they won't accept any non-sacstate students? What do u think the cut off will be? Sorry for... Read More

  1. by   crebs
    Am I the only one that checks this board all the time? lol. All the other semesters people were posting on the boards non stop and talking about how they felt about the admissions process and all that. Nobody ever posts. Who here has 50 points or more and is excited to get an acceptance letter? We should all get to know each other prior to letters going out so we can make sure we're all prepared. A few students who posted for previous semesters took CPR together. Would anybody be interested in that?
  2. by   NicolR
    Hi everyone! I just stumbled across this website and started reading everyone's posts! I also applied to the Sac State's nursing program for Spring 2013, and the wait is KILLING ME! My points totaled at 67 so I am hoping I get in with the rest of you! =]
  3. by   dreambig2015
    I agree! I think we should all get to know each other I am really nervous right now, I have about 50 admission points so I am basically on the borderline. Once accepted I would definitely be interested in taking a CPR class. Keep us posted & good luck! Hope to see all of you soon
  4. by   crebs
    I wouldn't worry dreambig! There were so few applicants! Remember there are always people that apply who are ineligible. And, I'm sure any and everybody applied, even people who have super duper low points in the 30s. So I think your chances are good! At the info session I got the impression that around 50 will be the cut off and that's a high estimate.

    So share a bit about yourselves everybody. I'm 32, and just decided to go back to school back in 2011. I had been thinking about nursing for years and never made a move. I have a degree in computer science but worked in real estate for a long time. I'm super interested in nursing and patient care in general after having worked in an infertility practice. I was doing so much stuff. I loved doing sperm preparation, blood draws, seeing stuff under the microscope, and just interacting with the AWESOME patients. (I'm not sure how much of that stuff I was actually allowed to do by law, but the doc had me doing it so I always assumed it was OK. ) It was really a blast. I plan to eventually open a private practice as a nurse practitioner, or doing some travel nursing as I'm not married and have no kids. I speak Spanish, French, German, and Mandarin Chinese. I love languages, and Arabic is probably next, but I really want to feel extremely confident in each of those languages before I add another. I'm so very excited to start nursing school and actually be licensed to do something! lol.
  5. by   ♪♫ in my ♥
    Quote from crebs
    I speak Spanish, French, German, and Mandarin Chinese. I love languages, and Arabic is probably next
    I work at UCD and would highly, HIGHLY suggest Russian if you've any desire to work locally.
  6. by   crebs
    Russian huh? Interesting, I never would have thought Russian would be a big language in the area. I'll definitely have to try learning.
  7. by   ♪♫ in my ♥
    One of the largest Russian immigrant populations in the country... might actually be the largest. We get a lot of Russian-only speakers.
  8. by   foolie
    I applied as well, this school is my first choice for norcal! I applied with 61 pts, 3 additional points pending my economic background. Made a terrible mistake and missed my 2nd test date to retake the TEAS before apps were due so I'm hoping and praying that my score should be enough. Additionally is anyone moving to the area?? Looking to rent a place... pending my acceptance!
  9. by   dreambig2015
    Something little about me: I am 23 years old from North Sacramento. Ever since I was a little kid I knew I wanted to work in a hospital. Growing up I always dreamed about becoming a doctor, preferably a pediatrician. My first semester in college I was going for biological sciences/pre-med. After a few months I realized that it wasn't for me. I don't want to spend 10 years in school before I can actually help people! I volunteered at Mercy General Hospital for about 2 years. Those 2 years were a wonderful experience and that is when I decided that I wanted to be a nurse. I loved every minute of my volunteering experience. Every time I made a patient smile I knew that I had accomplished a wonderful thing. That feeling when you make someone's day is just one of the best feelings in the world and nothing can replace that. I love children, so my ultimate goal is to get my Masters degree and work as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner.

    I hope to see all of you in January! 2 more week until we find out ...class of 2015!!!
  10. by   crebs
    That's awesome dreambig! It's a good thing we have thanksgiving dinner to look forward to as well so that we're not just focused on our acceptance! I'm super excited. I've been looking at stethoscope colors. lol We're actually the class of Fall 2014! Whoopee!
  11. by   crebs
    OK so I obviously have no life and am always on the forums trying to get information to prepare for Spring. One thing we'll need to have is health insurance. I just got a policy through health net which is like the cheapest individual health plan I was able to find. It's only $84/month. It is a high deductible plan and it's really only for people that are healthy with no major health issues. I can't post a website address on here but if you google real care insurance they can set you up with a policy, or you can go to the Healthnet website but I think if you have an insurance broker you have an extra advocate. Also, I'm looking at January CPR classes so that the cert will be good all the way through the program.
  12. by   kaiamc
    Good luck everyone,
    I made the Fall 2012 class and wanted to let you guys know the program is totally do-able. Some weeks are harder than others but most importantly, prepare for a scramble of activity after acceptance and a start up expense of $2,000 dollars and up to $3,000 if you go all out. Be aware that you don't get financial aid to help until the start of the semester.

    Books were appx $500 for e-books (trust me you will need the e-books so don't go hunting down bargains on amazon ect, some from out program did this only to regret it later, the N15 course and N16 course both have online courses that are built into this e-bundle) and $900 if you want hardcopies with the e-books, plus $150 for mandatory NCLEX prep books from ATI (again dont bother bargain hunting as this cost also includes online tests). You'll need a stethoscope $70-120 if you buy a Littman, a clipboard for clinical, and disposable penlights (several as batteries run out on these) as well as the uniforms which are appx $300 for two sets of scrubs (must be purchased from the Dove supplier, great quality scrubs though). You'll want comfortable, high-quality white close toed shoes ($50-150), you will be paying for background checks ($100 ) and titers/immunizations/tb test if you are not insured (if you are a current sac state student you can get them for free at The Well). $15 is the cost of the badges for clinical (the only thing you actually HAVE to purchase through the CNSA). You will be drug tested but that cost is built into the background check. You will also need health insurance as a former poster stated. That cost will depend on your personal circumstances mine is $600 per month out of pocket for an HMO but an emergency care high deductible plan might be found for minimal cost IDK.

    Just giving you guys a heads up, the cost was a major burden for me as well as a surprise and I wish I would have known ahead of time. Again there might be some other minimal costs that I may have forgotten but this is all the major stuff. Good luck! You will all probably get in see you next semester!
  13. by   dreambig2015
    Don't worry Crebs you are not the only one invading these forums! I do the same and it's great to know that I am not alone I don't have health insurance yet so thank you for sharing the info, it'll come in handy!

    Thank you Kaiamc for sharing as well! Congrats on getting accepted