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Hey, is anyone applying to sac state for spring 2012? Do you think it will be easier to get into since they won't accept any non-sacstate students? What do u think the cut off will be? Sorry for all these questions. Has... Read More

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    Quote from crebs
    Master Classic II stethoscopes are 67.00 each including free engraving if we get a bulk order. If you're interested let me know I'm going to place the order later this week.
    Where are you placing the bulk order from?

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    Quote from alam
    Where are you placing the bulk order from? I've been told we don't have to purchase the exact stethoscopes on the cnsa order form, but after researching I feel the Littman classic II se is the best deal for what you get. You can certainly find cheaper stethoscopes, unfortunately from what I can tell they won't be as good.
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    Ugh Idk what happened to the comment I left, but heres what I said:

    Crebs, I'm interested in doing the bulk order if there are at least 5 of us ordering. So if anyone else is interested, let us know before maybe wednesday? So if there aren't enough people, I'll just order one for myself. If we do the bulk order, we save about $12 and free engraving! So you should do it!!
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    Use this code to order on for 3% off: FB54879SH5631125
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    Quote from alam
    Use this code to order on for 3% off: FB54879SH5631125
    Cool thanks! So anybody who's interested PM me so we can set up the details. I also wanted to see about getting a bulk discount at a local store for shoes and other required equipment.
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    Hello there fellow nursing students,

    Just came across this website and post. Thought I'd deliver the good news...I was also selected for Spring 2013. I hate to put this out there but I am sure that if I do there will be kind soul willing to help me. At the ignorant age of 18 I committed the shameful crime of petty theft. I have grown up to be a different person now. I am now 24 and realized what a blunder I had made during my teenage years. I wish I could of erased that mistake but I cannot. I was charged for petty theft misdemeanor but my case was dismissed so there is no conviction on my record. I hope this blunder of mine will not prevent me from continuing the program. Does anyone have any insight towards this? Please no judgements. We all are humans and we all made mistakes as teenagers. Will I ever repeat the mistake? No, never again.
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    I'm going to go ahead and order my own Stethescope from Medisave since no one has posted anything yet. I really want the engraving! lol
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    I think you should be fine since your case was dismissed
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    I found this thread and thought I'd share with everyone it's long but offers great advice.
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    I apologize I did not realize this blog was for sacramento state. I thought it was for csus as in California state univ Stanislaus.

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