Riverside Community College (RCC)

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    Is anyone out there waiting to hear back from RCC? How many points do you have? It seems like 80 is the cut off......Does anyone know when we will hear from them on whether or not we get in?

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    BUMP! No one on here going to RCC???
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    I am still waiting to hear back also. From what I remember, they are going to start sending letters out in June or early July.
    Good Luck!
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    How many points did you have?
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    I should have 90 points. How about yourself?
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    I only have 80 Im hoping its enough.....but from what I hear its 85 and up. Let me know when you get an acceptance so I can keep an eye out!
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    Will do!
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    good luck.... that school still prefers current students that have been there for 1 year 800 applicants in one term.... haha yea right
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    I am a current student but somehow I dont think its gunna be enough Yeah there is an ABSURD amount of people applying each semester! Did you apply too? How many points do you have?
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    I'm still waiting to hear from RCC also, and it's killing me! I should have 85 points, but I am also wondering if that is enough with them only accepting around 50 students out of 800! Let me know when anyone hears anything!!!

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