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Hi everyone, I currently go to Mt. Sac at the moment and will finish all my ADN pre-requistes for Rio Hondo this summer. As for the selection criteria they use overall, I feel that my application... Read More

  1. by   MPETRIDES1984
    I am not familiar with the area, and would be moving for school. what areas are safe, and what areas should i stay away from?
  2. by   stunnalady
    Yay i got in to!!! Hope to see some of you guys in adn 151 this june!! I got all Bs in my prerequisites but i have my emt license, cna license, my AA in science and mathematics, and i took 3 years of spanish at rio which counted me as bilingual....gahhhhh im soooo excited i started crying when i read my letter!!! I hope my friend gets in weve done everything from anatomy to emt together and the only thing different was she didnt have cna. Shes an alternate hope she gets in!!
  3. by   stunnalady
    Oh i also had over a hundred hours of volunteer work in the neonatal intensive care unit at st jude hospital, a first generation college letter, and a personal statement saying how hard my life has been but how much joy i get from working on ambulances and my current job at the nursing home. Hope this helps anyone who is trying to come up with a stellar application just shows you dont need all As in prerequisites just be very well rounded!
  4. by   LarryZ
    TEAS done on Tuesday, not too bad. Just remember you only need a 62% that is a "D", and I'm pretty sure everyone that got in has a better gpa than a D, so just relax, breath, and for math (watch the time limit, it sneaks up on you). Next the "to do" list. Good luck and see you in the summer. Go class of 2014
  5. by   elegie
    Just keep in mind guys, not to rain on anyone's parade, but Rio only offers courses once a year. If you happen to (I hope not) fail a class, you have to wat one full year before re-entering. That's the case I'm in now. If I would have known that (even though I wasn't planning on failing) I wouldn't have went with Rio.
  6. by   vadon
    I just gave up my spot in RH ADN generic program. GL to all alternatives for RH.
  7. by   RonnieDita
    I'm in at RH I look forward to meeting everyone next week at orientation. I'm so nervous and sooooooo excited. My Clinicals are at Downey Regional where is everyone else at?
  8. by   smooshcrickets
    RonnieDita, what orientation is this?
  9. by   RonnieDita
    Once You're clear of medical reqmts you get your registration codes and then they tell you to come to orientation. I think we even got an orientation email before all this was cleared. has anyone else gotten this email? Is anyone else done with all their requirements?
  10. by   NurseJacqpott
    I just called and my status was changed from alternate to...NURSING STUDENT!!!!!! AHHHHHHH!!! IamsoexcitedthatIcanhardlythink! Congrats to all, I can't wait to meet Class of 2014 at orientation.
  11. by   NurseJacqpott answer the question...i had a 3.66 in sciences, 3.30 overall, 64% on TEAS (which I took a year ago because I was gonna go to Concorde which had a very looooowww passing rate), BS in Health Admin, life experiences points...
  12. by   LarryZ
    RonnieDita, my clinicals are also at Downey Regional see you there, and to NurseJacqpott congrats and welcome...
  13. by   stunnalady
    see everyone at orientation!!!!!