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rcc nursing fall 2013

  1. 0 has anyone applied to rcc's rn program for fall 2013? has anyone been accepted into rcc's rn program? if so what was your pre-reqs grades? mines aren't all that great that's why i am so worried i will not get in because my pre-reqs gpa is only 2.79...do i even have a chance at getting in? please advise...so stressed out im not a bad student... i just don't have the time to study like im supposed to...i am a working full time single mother with two children and couldn't dedicate my time to so much studying...i was lucky if i even got 10 hours of studying a week
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    Good luck! I am in the program now, but I am not sure what the statistics were for the last class. If you search through the posts you can find the thread for the last class. Did you take your TEAS?
    I think it's really important you understand how much studying nursing school requires. It's not just a program you can get through by only going to class. It requires tons of outside time! Good luck.
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    of course i know nursing school requires a lot of studying that is why i am quitting my job once i get accepted into nursing school...i've done lots of research and i know nursing school is very rigorous and requires lot of studying in order to be successful..,i'm not a dummy...don't judge me based on my low science pre-reqs...you have no idea what i have been through...and yes i took the teas already...my composite score is 94%
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    That's a great TEAS score so keep you fingers crossed! Do you have a previous Bachelor's or your cna? I believe that is 5 additional points.I am by no means judging you I am just stating a fact that I know many people overlook. It is just a different type of studying. I was only saying something about studying based on your own comment of you not having the time to study. It was simply a heads up situation.
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    thank you culli005. i know you are not judging me...i can tell that you are a good person...thank you for responding....take...and may God be with you....never give up...
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    I applied and I got email receipt that says they'll send a letter mid to late April for Teas test. Anyone please let me know when you get any notice. I got invited a couple of years ago to a teas test, but now I have to retake the new version.
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    Hello Everyone, I applied for the LVN-RN bridge program and for the regular track. I currently taking Nursing 6 as required class to be able to take the bridge program at RCC. I am schedule to take my Advance placement test on June 14. Is anyone else on the same boat? I spoke with one of the faculties at SON and told me that acceptance letters or denial letters will be mail out after June 14 meaning.
    Best of luck to the ones applying for the Fall 2013 cohort !
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    Hi, Quik248, how did the Advance Placement Test go at RCC? Hope everything went well. Can you tell me which reviewer you used to study for this test? I will be applying in the RCC RN program for Spring 2014 and I was told by Jackie to take the Advance Placement test in December. Am taking N18 this Fall and want to start studying for the upcoming test. Can anyone tell me which reviewer would be the best one to get, please? Thank you!
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    Anyone taking Advance Placement Test at RCC? Can somebody tell me which book they used to review for the test? Thank you!
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    My current total points are 55/100 for RN and 54/60 for LVN. Do I have a chance of getting into the RN program, maybe by random selection? I did bad on the TEAS test and thats why my overall points are low.
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    Fort the LVN to RN bridge do they require TEAT test scores?
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    Quote from kareninda
    Fort the LVN to RN bridge do they require TEAT test scores?
    No they don't required the TEAS score, just the advance placement test.