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Psychiatric nursing in CA

  1. 0 Hey everyone, I'm a psychiatric nurse from FL,have to relocate to California because of my husband.
    Are there any psych nursing opportunities? Anyone knows of a travel agency that staff psych? Any psych nurses with advice as to hospitals?
    If anyone can offer me some advice, I thank you, I feel overwhelmed!

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    It might help if you say what part of California you are looking to move to? The economy is rough, but if you are experienced you may have a much better chance.
    indeed . com is a pretty good site for job searching. I wish I could give more advice, but I don't work in psych, and I'm not certain what area you are looking in.
    Good luck!
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    There is a big psych hospital opening in Stockton in the next 18 months or so- Google it and you should be able to find some information. Good luck!
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    Thankyou CT6687 for the great tip!!!!! I will google it right away.
    If you know of something else I would really appreciate it.........any advice on getting my CA
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    I don't know how to transfer your license over- wish I could be more help!
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    I had researched on the Internet how to apply for a ca license by looks lengthy and complicated, but hey I am very motivated!!!! Thanks once more for your advice