Providence little company of Mary 2013 - page 5

Hey did anyone get a call for their new grad march cohort? If so, do you know what the interview process is like or what units they are hiring for?... Read More

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    Goodluck! I am waiting to hear back form them as well. What department did you interview for?
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    I really am surprised how some applicants who had an initial interview weren't told about the deferment of offer announcements due to another round of interviews. I really really feel bad to the people that's been waiting for almost two weeks. Hang in there guys.
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    I interviewed for the float pool. You?

    @matthewandrew are you talking about the second round interviews or a whole new group of applicants?
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    I interviewed for the ICU. The recruiter was going to be out of the office until yesterday so hopefully we find out soon.
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    Any news??
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    ***told me that it wasn't me, I did great during the interview but they are putting the hiring process on hold....I guess thats a nice way of telling me I didn't get it??
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    So its official then? He told me the same thing and that he would call me once they have the "numbers". That all departments are reavulating how many they can take on.
    He just said they werent taking a lot of people. I want to call but I have been bugging. So does that mean that they are not hiring anymore??
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    Ya, he made it seem that way at least. I'm definitely not holding my breath...
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    SIGH....Well lets hope for a Summer one
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    New grad orientation starts March 25. I'm excited to meet everyone.

    Does anyone know how many new grads were hired?
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    There are 12 of us from Providence LCM San Pedro, not sure how many Torrance ended up with. We'll all be together for classes. Looking forward to meeting everyone
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    I was told that 3 of us were hired for float at Torrance. The recruiter also was pretty vague on the total numbers hired. I guess we will see!
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    Wow it's going to be a small group. 3 from float, 2 from icu and no one so far on here from tele?

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