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Hey did anyone get a call for their new grad march cohort? If so, do you know what the interview process is like or what units they are hiring for?... Read More

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    Applied yesterday for the san pedro new grad program. Does anyone know if they choose ADNs at all? (I do have a B.S in Health as as well)

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    Hi ll86,

    I applied to San Pedro also...Let me know if you hear anything and I'll do the same! Good luck.
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    Did anyone else get a call fir the Torrance one?? I didn't realize San Pedro had the same name or would have specified that in the title. Good luck to everyone though!!!
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    RN12PTL - did your status change?
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    Did you get a call for an interview? my starus says "under consideration".
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    I applied for the Torrance location near the middle of January, stills says "Application received." I applied for the San Pedro one a couple days ago, and it says "under consideration" right now.
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    Not sure if the status changing is 100% accurate to predict if we'll land jobs, but hopefully it does!! Good luck and keep us posted if you get a call Is anyone interviewing for Torrance ??
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    I read on the New grad RN jobs California Facebook page that people were getting phone interviews for Torrance. Havent heard anything for San Pedro my app says under consideration too.
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    i also was wondering if anyone had applied for the new grad program with avanti hospitals: memorial hospital of gardena, coast plaza, east l.a doctors hospital or huntington park. There is no thread on allnurses so I have'nt been able to find out about their interview process my interview is Thursday!

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