Professional organization that's less political??

  1. Hi all

    I'm an RN; we just moved to CA but am not working yet .

    I'd like to join a professional organization, so I looked at the CNA. While I absolutely understand that politics plays a very important role in nursing, I am looking for an organization that leans much more toward the professional side than the political.

    Any suggestions?? :spin: Thanks!
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  3. by   BonnieSc
    CNA is a union--you're looking for ANA/C. Hope that's helpful!
  4. by   elkpark
    What is your specialty? The various specialty organizations are usually more clinically and less politically focused than the state ANA constituents, and there are often local chapters (of the national specialty organizations) in larger urban areas
  5. by   dianabay
    Thanks Wendy and Elkpark!

    I thought about joining a specialty organization but don't know where I would fit. I recently finished a "Certificate in Autism Spectrum Disorders", so I am hoping to use that- maybe at a preschool or a school that specializes in autism or Asperger's syndrome. But I don't have pediatric expereinece (other than raising my own child who has a neuro-developmental disorder).

    I loved long term rehabillitation (and specialized in Rehab years ago), but in the united states, there doesn't seem to be any such animal as long-term rehab, and the units I worked on were more like acute med-surg. Seriously, how much rehab can a person on a vent do?!!

    Thanks so much for your advice:spin:
  6. by   wjf00
    If looking for an organization of Administrators who issue "White Papers", and act as obstructionists to real reform think ANA.