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Pre-nursing veteran cal state east bay fall 2013

  1. 0 Hello I'm planning on applying to CSUEB concord for fall 2013 I am a veteran and to my understanding is that they give priority to veteran's meeting the minimum requirements. This just seems to easy. Are there any veteran's that have applied to this program or anyone have any insight to this ? Thanks in advance for your response !
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    Moved to CA Nursing Programs for more response.
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    What you read is correct my friend. If you served active duty and have a DD214 and were honorably discharged, you are practically a shoe in. Don't think of it as being easy, or you having it easy. While you were in bootcamp crawling in mud getting yelled at, some of your classmates were passed out after a night of drinking and having a good time. You served your country, this is their way of showing their appreciation. Also note that Fresno State does the same thing.
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    Good. I'm a veteran applying to the RN-to-BSN program for fall 2013 and heading back to the military once accepted.
    They are currently accepting applications. You need to have your ducks in a row and get all transcripts in one time.
    Does anyone know if they hold on to transcripts sent in a year or two ago (I abandoned a previous application midway due to getting a new job)? Or do all of those transcripts have to be resent again?
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    Not sure but I'd have to guess that they hold on to the transcripts. No need to worry about RN-BSN though as it is not impacted. Only the pre-licensure program is. I'd still submit my DD214 however.
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    Yes those transcripts were in the system. I sent the rest along with DD214. They said the same thing, I'll get in.
    My only problem now is that I went to UC for undergrad (they do not require one since there are many presentations in their "discussion groups" that follow lectures). So now I might need to take a "Public Speaking" course.

    However, I would love to find a way around that one... I can't take a course like that and work my current job.
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    Try looking at It should help you with the courses that will transfer over. It's a series of drop down bars and you simply select what applies to you. If you don't see it there, likely there is a good chance you will have to repeat it.
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    Another note on the public speaking. If you live close to Travis AFB, there is a short 6 week public speaking course offered on base by Solano Community College. It is offered every semester and runs two nights a week. You should have no problems transferring it over to CSUEB. Hope that helps.
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    hey great information, im also in the same boat, separating from the army, heres some more info on veterans preference for nursing --

    csu sacramento, csu fresno, ventura college , fresno city also has the same program going on. good luck

    i might apply at csueb since im in san jose too
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    Might wanna check on Sac State. Last I checked they stopped giving veterans preference a few years ago.
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    Cal State East Bay is very friendly towards veterans. I just separated from the Air Force and was planning on starting this Fall 13 quarter for pre nursing but I figured out I could finish all the prereqs in time to actually apply for the Nursing program this November if I started this summer quarter instead. The veterans office is now switching me to the summer quarter fast enough to still receive priority registration.

    I also talked to one of the Nursing Department's admissions evaluators and she specifically told me that as long as you meet minimum admissions requirements and are a veteran, you will be accepted to the Nursing program. Good news for us! Just make sure your have everything together by the deadlines and you should be golden. I'm still going to try and do well on the TEAS but it's essentially a solid for us veterans.

    Note: Make sure to give the Nursing department your DD214 separately from CSU themselves by the time your APPLICATION is due (November), NOT when other documents are due (February). My guess is that they admit veterans rather quickly and then determine from there how many seats they have left over to offer to other applicants.

    P.S. I'm taking Human Anatomy I & II and Chem 1 this summer as well as Micro and Chem 2 and Logic this fall at East Bay if anyone else is joining me :P

    Good luck!
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    Just make sure you understand those minimum requirements!
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    To those who are wondering about the military preference for CSUEB nursing, I'm a veteran and I can say with certainty that it is true!! I got accepted into the program. All you have to do is meet the minimum GPA on both the pre-reqs as well as your overall GPA. Take the TEAS, submit your DD214 and get accepted into East bay and your in. Of course individual cases will vary, but for the most part you have a great shot. Good Luck.