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Hi, I've heard that it's not recommended to work while enrolled as a student in an RN program. I'm applying for the Spring Semester at PCC and while I do intend to leave my current employer... Read More

  1. by   Surfing~Nurse
    Hey Everyone, I was accepted to PCC nursing program for Fall 2011, and I was unable to pick up my packet for orientation because I had work all week. If anyone has any information on what day and time, I would really appreciate the help. I heard it was the 18th but im still unsure of the time. Thanks!
  2. by   Surfing~Nurse
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    Just found out that I got in to the program a couple days ago! I was selected as an alternate a couple months back and thought my chances were slim, but I'm happy that I made it. The orientation is this wednesday and I have to take the Teas V right after the orientation on campus. Does anybody know how fast they give the test results back to you?
    Hey I was also accepted as an alternate. However I haven't been able to pick up my packet due to my working schedule this week. I heard the orientation was the 18th. Do you know if there are different orientations? Or is everyone orientated Wednesday? Also, if it is wednesday what time is it at? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

  3. by   CokeMachine
    On the email that I received(july 12), it said that the Orientation was on wednesday, July 20th (9am, room U115), and that my TeasV test was going to be right after the orientation. I went to go pick up my packet yesterday, and on the front paper it listed a date, which was June 23,2011. So Im guessing that date was the orientation for the people who got accepted right away, and my July 20 date would be for the alternates that got called up? But when I got the alternate letter a couple months ago they said the alternates have a chance to be called up up until aug 12, so Im not too sure if July 20th would be your orientation as well. I think the confirmation email should tell you when your orientation was.
  4. by   atarkehin
    Hey guys!
    Those of you who got accepted into the program, most of you had 4.0's in the four core pre-reqs! But I am curious what your overall GPA's were? I'm kinda scared because I do have the 4.0 in the core classes, but have got some bad grades in other classes that I don't need, but are still on my transcripts! Just curious on my chances! Thanks guys!
  5. by   CokeMachine
    B's in Micro, and Anat & Phis. A in English.

    Overall Gpa including undergrad was just a little over 3.0. Went to UCR,CerritosCC n ended with a B.S. @ CSUF.

    My ucr gpa was horrible (about 1.5), but I made up for it by doing well at the other 2 schools.
  6. by   xtinaw
    Hi! I was wondering if anyone know whether or not we have to wear the uniform on the first day and for lecture? Or, it's just for clinicals? Also, where's everyone getting their stethoscope and penlight from ??

  7. by   kadc

    I am going to apply to PCC's nursing program as well this fall. Do you guys know if people who turn in their applications early have a higher chance of getting accepted? Or is it all equal for everyone as long as the applications are turned in before the deadline? Because I will apply after I take my TEAS test on Aug 20, but they started accepted applications on Aug 1 right? If you could please help me I'd appreciate it! I just want to know my chances of getting in because my current school's not accepting anymore due to the long waitlist -_-
  8. by   xtinaw
    Hi! I'm pretty sure as long as you hand in your application before the deadline, you'll have the same chance as those who handed in on the first day. I'm starting this Fall, and I didn't take the TEAS until they accepted me. I took the TEAS at PCC and didn't have to pay for it. So I'm not sure if you have to stress out abt the TEAS. PCC bases their choices on english, anat, physo, and micro grades.

    Good Luck
  9. by   kadc
    Thank you for the info! Congratulations for getting accepted I just want to get all the applications over with..cnt wait! Good luck this fall!
  10. by   DarkBluePhoenix
    Anyone applying for spring 2012?
  11. by   kadc
    Quote from BeachBedhead
    Anyone applying for spring 2012?
    I am. I still haven't turned in my application though.
  12. by   DarkBluePhoenix
    Me too. What's your stats?
    I can't turn mine in because campus cant process transcripts if thy are not there
  13. by   atarkehin
    I am too!! I got all A's in micro, anat, phys, and english! but my overall GPA isn't so good! What about you?