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Hi, I've heard that it's not recommended to work while enrolled as a student in an RN program. I'm applying for the Spring Semester at PCC and while I do intend to leave my current employer should I be accepted, I was... Read More

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    English 101 B
    English 102 A
    English 204 A (Wish they counted 102 and 204 instead of 101) =)
    Microbiology B
    Anatomy A
    Physiology A

    Overall GPA 3.0
    Science GPA 3.6
    TEAS V 84%
    TEAS IV 86.5%

    I'm not sure whether PCC is easier during the Spring or not, but County/USC is actually my first choice, and PCC was one of my backups. The rejection letter, which I am sure is a form letter, says that there is "nothing wrong with your application, but some of the applicants in the 600+ pool of applicants were more competitive." I am absolutely fine with that, at least the people who did get in deserve to, because they have the best stats. Congrats to all of those who got in!

    Quote from BeachBedhead
    oh no i am so sorry, i hope you get into your backup school

    whats your stats? so i guess the least to get in is one B, if that.

    Is PCC one of the schools that are easier to get into at spring rather than fall?
    thats what i have heard

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    I am only applying to PCC and RCC this fall for spring 2012 and CSULA for fall 2012
    And Jan 2012 I am applying to CSULB, and CSUSB along with Chaffey and Citrus (I currently attend) for fall 2012 too.

    I just hope the "ADN nurses can't get a job in socal" rumor is true. Or by the time I graduate there will be plenty of jobs.
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    Does anyone know how many students PCC takes every term?

    Also how many people do you think they select for alternates?

    Asking because I got the email about being an alternate and wanna see if theres a realistic chance for me to get accepted.

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    What's your stats
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    I was wondering, did you guys all receive a confirmation email from PCC that they got your application a while back??
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    I have applied to PCC on three occasions. First time I got in, but turned it down b/c I was having a baby. Second time I was an alternate and asked to come to orientation, but didn't attend b/c I was having another baby (do you see a theme?), and last semester I applied and was accepted as an alternate (without being asked to attend an orientation). When I called the office they said they have MANY alternates and cannot even tell me where I am on the list. It wasn't too helpful. just have to wait and hope, I suppose. I never got an email/phone call... so last semester didn't happen. My grades are:
    English: B-
    Micro: A
    Chem: A
    Physi: A
    Anat: A
    Math: A

    I don't think it matters which semester you apply for...they always accept about 60 students and I have no clue how many alternates they hold onto. I still have heard nothing from PCC, and have no clue if I'm in a holding tank or it truly is alphabetical. I'm curious as to whether they really do it alphabetically... b/c I would think they would send all the acceptances out first, then wait for responses and send further acceptances out later... but I could be wrong too. We shall see.

    Wishing the best for all of you.
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    They only look ay English, anatomy, micro and phys right?
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    I did not receive a confirmation email regarding receipt of the application, but I sent it certified mail, and called them to confirm receipt. The only email I received was the rejection one. Woohoo!
    Quote from Jhall113
    I was wondering, did you guys all receive a confirmation email from PCC that they got your application a while back??
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    BeachBedHead - I think you are right! They weigh grades on Phys/Anat, Micro and English.
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    As long as I ace my finals, I will basically have the same score as you except I have a B not a B- in English. I hope you get in this fall.

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