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Hi, I've heard that it's not recommended to work while enrolled as a student in an RN program. I'm applying for the Spring Semester at PCC and while I do intend to leave my current employer should I be accepted, I was... Read More

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    You did better than me. I got A's in anatomy & physiology, but B's in English and micro. 84% on TEAS. Have you taken it yet? What kind of grades does your friend have?

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    I havent taken the TEAS yet.. She got all A's
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    Good for her. =) I just called Pasadena. They said that "emails are going out as we speak, so you can expect one from now until the end of next week." Please let me know if you hear anything, and I will do the same.
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    I definitely will let you know. Gosh I am so nervous! I hope I hear back sooner than friday!
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    Oh, and she also said the notifications are "random, and not in aphabetical order." I'm nervous too. Good luck!
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    i just got an email today! i got accepted into the program
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    Congrats! Approximately what time did it arrive? What are your stats in the 4 prerequisites?

    Quote from girlygirl20
    i just got an email today! i got accepted into the program
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    Just got an acceptance email. Woo hoo! I really didn't think I would be accepted but I was! However, I will be declining my offer so this should open up a spot for someone else!
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    Awesome! Do you mind posting your stats? Do you have all A's?
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    I applied to so many programs so I can't remember what their exact pre reqs were but here it goes... Anatomy A, physio A, micro B, chem B, English A. I have a BA, not sure if that was calculated in or not.

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