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Hi, I've heard that it's not recommended to work while enrolled as a student in an RN program. I'm applying for the Spring Semester at PCC and while I do intend to leave my current employer should I be accepted, I was... Read More

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    I received my acceptance email today!! God is awesome!

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    Hi Guys, I'm currently entering my last semester at PCC
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    Does anyone know where I can find affordable housing in the area? I'm from socal but the commute to Pasadena is horrible.
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    Affordable housing in Pasadena is nonexistant. The best you're likely to get is surrounding areas. Try Sierra Madre.
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    Thanks, it's true. It's quite pricey. Thanks for the tip. Stelon, are you currently in the program at PCC? There was no orientation for Spring '13, so I'm unsure If we're suppose to wear our uniforms the first day? Please let me know if you have any tips if you are a post graduate or current student
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    Hi Zoe3,

    I just graduated from PCC RN program Dec 2012. You only wear your uniforms when you go to clinical at the hospital. Lectures/Seminar you just wear regular clothes. Good luck!
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    Thanks!! And congrats to you!! You must be so excited and studying hard for your NCLEX I'm sure. Good luck with everything and thanks for response to a fellow future PCC nursing alumni
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    anyone applying for lvn to rn bridge program for summer 2013
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    Would anyone be able to tell me where PCC's RN clinical sites are?
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    Alhambra Hospital, Country Villa, Arcadia Methodist to name a few for first semester students.

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