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Hi, I've heard that it's not recommended to work while enrolled as a student in an RN program. I'm applying for the Spring Semester at PCC and while I do intend to leave my current employer... Read More

  1. by   kadc
    I still haven't taken critical thinking..I took this philosphy/logic class that could count as critical thinking to other schools like CSUF and CSUSB so I thought I didn't need English 1C. But those schools want ochem. Now that I realized CSULA doesn't require ochem, they only accept english 1c for the critical thinking part..these prereqs never end. I guess I'd have to take eng1c for winter session at mt.sac to be able to apply for fall next year. I'm also taking the TEAS V Test by the end of this month. I haven't had the chance to really fully study it since I'm taking a summer class. Thanks for the info Good luck on your TEAS by the way!
  2. by   DarkBluePhoenix

    I just took phil: logic this summer and CSULA takes it!

    So you are good.

    Thanks and where are you taking the TEAS?
  3. by   kadc
    Really? Because I checked at that phil: logic only satisfies one of the requirements, and English 1C is another separate requirement.. I'm taking my teas in San Bernardino, how about you? That'll be cool if we get accepted in both schools..don't we all wish haha.
  4. by   DarkBluePhoenix
    Ok right? I don't know what English 1c is but its a "university req" eh?
    If you look at CSULA nursing homepage then look at admissions you will see the pre reqs.
  5. by   kadc
    English 1C at mt.sac is the english class after the university req. English 1A is composition..and English1C is like composition II.
  6. by   DarkBluePhoenix
    Hmm. I don't know. Kinda like an English 101?
    I would call because it sounds like you qualify to apply for fall 2012. Call the school of nursing. The lady I talk to was real nice. I mean if you GWT accepted then then you can get your BSN!
  7. by   kadc
    Yeah I'll call them on Monday. If I can't, I really hope to get in to PCC! I think whichever school accepts me first, that's where I'll go because I don't want to wait any longer lol.
  8. by   DarkBluePhoenix
    Oh I totally agree. At this rate. So you are applying to pcc for spring 2012 or fall
  9. by   kadc
    I'm applying to PCC and other community colleges for spring 2012. It would be a hard decision if I find out while in the program that I got accepted to CSULA for fall 2012. I guess we'll just see. Do you know when we should find out if we got in or not a PCC?
  10. by   DarkBluePhoenix
    6 weeks after close of application period? I think..
  11. by   kadc
    Oh okay thank you!
  12. by   DarkBluePhoenix
    I would check their sure. That was totally a guess. If you find something different, post it on up
  13. by   atarkehin
    so CSULA doesn't require O chem? I'm so tired of meeting diff pre reqs for diff schools! it should all be the same!!