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Wondering who else out there applied to the Palomar new grad program in San Diego? The application went up at 7 this morning, and I just checked at 11:45 AM and its already disappeared. Good luck to those applying. Lets comment... Read More

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    Quote from laogirlinSD
    Hope those that got interviewed today went well. I was a nervous wreck!!! My nerve got the best of me...ugh...i had a brain fart, to the question about Palomar!!!! I knew everything about Palomar....i feel like a loser today. Yep, i can now say i am no longer a virgin to a formal interview. If i got offer a position, it would be due to my personality, definitely, not due to my answers... BIG FAIL...

    Anyhow, i though the interview process was a fun one and i like it.
    Good luck to all of us!
    Um, I couldn't remember what a "pressure ulcer" was called. LOL! I'm hoping my sparkling personality came through as well.
    I hated that interview process. I think the only thing they can learn is how we handle pressure. They can't learn anything about our backgrounds or what makes us unique in that short amount of time.

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    At first i felt the same way about the interview process, but after doing a research on it i understand why and the rational behind it. It's innovative, risky, but has been proven effective. Palomar has zero dropout rate for their residency program. 1st impression counts!

    I am still upset at myself for my answers. I must learn how to control my nervousness. I can't wait to know the result.
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    I actually enjoyed the way they conducted the interviews! It was my very first interview as well, so I don't really have anything to compare it to. The interviewers were friendly and made me feel very comfortable! I was nervous at first, but then I adjusted. I agree with laogirinSD: it has been proven effective in the past and their retention rate of new grads is flawless. I hope we all get in! I am so anxious to know my result as well!
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    I wonder when we will find out? There was so much I wanted to say that I couldn't.
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    I asked at the interview and was told that they were going to start deliberations yesterday but we would find out at the end of this week or beginning of the next. I was also told that the program will start on October 5th...which is weird since that's a Friday!
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    Oct 5? Wow. Forgot to ask about that.They told us they were going to decide last night, and we should find out very soon. I wonder how many they will actually hire. They said most depts have positions.
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    Not much for taking their time! lol

    Good luck to all of you
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    Yeah! It kills me that they might have chosen the lucky few already and we won't know until later! Oy! It's great to hear that they are hiring in almost all the departments though!

    Thanks Coriander! Fingers crossed! X X
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    Great job getting through it everyone! I'm sure we all had our good & bad moments during our interviews, but I'm glad I experienced a different method of interviewing. I must agree that there were some stations that I did well on, and a few I wished I answered better. I know they noted what specialty/unit we would like to work in, but didnt know how else we were evaluated on. I wonder if it was based on a numerical score and the highest scoring applicants get the positions, or if they choose the top 2 or 3 applicants within each of the group of 8? I'm sure we are our own harshest critics and we don't give ourselves the credit we deserve. Congrats at least for finishing and for not freaking out and running outta the interviews haha! Best of luck to us all
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    I just received an email telling me that I'm one of the final candidates! I'm so excited! Everyone, check your emails!

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