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Wondering who else out there applied to the Palomar new grad program in San Diego? The application went up at 7 this morning, and I just checked at 11:45 AM and its already disappeared. Good luck to... Read More

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    Hi everyone, thanks for posting the extra info. The position was posted for internal candidates on Sept 5th (I saw it on the top of the posting), but even with 500 applicants, the odds sound better than the ones for UCSD. Good luck and thank goodness its a bit of a shorter wait for interviews.

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    How many positions did UCSD have?
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    Quote from ExPharmaGirl
    How many positions did UCSD have?
    They had 3 SICU and 1 Burn ICU for a total of 4, and they had about 1600 applicants from what the recruiter told me. Is it just me or is that an outrageous # of applicants???
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    Three hours, upwards of 500 applications, and 10 spots.

    It's like hitting the lottery.
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    Oh good heavens. Well, mega millions is 102 million tonight!Maybe I'll just get struck by lightening instead. Seems like there is a better chance. There can't be that many unemployed BSNs here. That was a requirement for Palomar. Hopefully they will give preference to locals!
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    ExPharmaGirl, that totally made me laugh out loud.
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    Not sure if I should be getting excited about this yet:
    " Your application has been reviewed and is being considered for our current openings."
    Any veteran applicants have insight?
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    I'm not a veteran applicant but I believe it means we made it past initial screening. I got the same thing yesterday morning a couple hours after I submitted my application. At first it said "under review by employee development department" or something to that effect.
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    Does this mean its still pretty much a snowball's chance in hell? lol.

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