Palo Alto VA New Grad Program fall 2012

  1. Hi,
    I submitted my application for their new grad program almost 3 weeks ago. It was due August 1st. I was wondering if anyone has heard back, or has had any progress.
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  3. by   WildNurse
    I too applied to that program, still hoping to hear back from them. Last I checked, they got like 650 applications, therefore, it will take a little longer to sort through all the applications. I will bookmark and post updates on here.
  4. by   Silverdragon102
  5. by   mylybui
    I dont think this should have been moved because it is a work posting for new grad rns... not a nursing program.
  6. by   mylybui
    Oh ok, thanks for the reply. I will let you know if i hear anything from them.
  7. by   Silverdragon102
    my mistake missed the grad bit. Moved to the state forum instead
  8. by   AN1324
    from what i have read on the CA RN facebook group, they are supposed to start contacting people towards the end of next week.
  9. by   GonnaAmazeYou
    I received an email about 30 minutes ago stating my application was referred. So check your email!!
  10. by   MSNRNCNL
    Just got an email from the Nurse Executive office stating that my status changed to "R - Referred...We reviewed your application and concur that you are qualified for the position listed above. We have referred your name to the selecting official(s) for consideration, and they will contact you if an interview is needed." But they probably send that to everyone right?
  11. by   GonnaAmazeYou
    Yes that is same email I got
  12. by   GonnaAmazeYou
    On the new grad Facebook page someone said they have gotten that message for several positions, but never have been contacted for any interviews. Bummer news.
  13. by   WildNurse
    Yup, just got the same email. Keeping my fingers crossed.
  14. by   vang1127
    yeah, got the same e-mail. hopefully we will hear more soon