New Grad Dameron Hospital & Versant Program Winter 2013

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    Hey! Has anyone else on here applied for the New Grad program in Stockton? I went to the open house last week and it was packed full of hungry, new grads. I applied to a few departments and have so far heard back from one. Just wondering if anyone else on here is in the same boat!
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    When did you apply? And what unit did you apply for? How soon after you applied did you get a call back? Thanks!
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    I also attended the open house, but have yet to hear from anyone. The application deadline is not until Dec 21st, what department did you hear from?
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    Was the Open House Mandatory? How can I apply online?
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    I believe there was only one open house. I'm not sure if attending the open house was mandatory in order to get the job. I received a call back just 4 days after I applied (in person).
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    I attended the open house and received a call 4 days later as well. Which department did you hear from?
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    Has anyone else heard back from Dameron yet? I realize the app is still open til the 21st..
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    I'm hoping that L&D call me back. That was my favorite rotation in school
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    Has anyone heard from ICU?
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    The only unit that I know of (so far) who has made call backs is the ED. Any others?